Completely Unexpected *ON HOLD*

Raine has it hard, until a drastic event changes her life completely.


2. Chapter 2

 Deputy Samuels had asked me where I wanted to stay until I was put into foster care. I said Tessa's, so thats where we are heading with all my stuff. Her family is my second one. We pull into her garage, and grab my belongings. As soon as I step foot into her house, I am in someone's arms. Mrs. Johnson looks me over and bandages the back of my head. "Everything will be fine." I heard Mrs. Johnson whisper in my ear, as she lets go. Tessa guided me to my temporary bedroom. it was simple, but it would work.


 "Ray, wake up." Tessa's slight nudge and soft voice wake me up. 6:17 am, meaning school. I begin my usual routine. Eat, shower, get dressed, do my hair, and brush my teeth. I was wearing my black skinnies, yellow tank top with my OFWGKTA hoodie. I lace up my yellow Nike Blazers and grab my backpack. I'm out the door and Tessa is already in the car. I slide in beside her, and she looks at me with pure concern. "Are you going to be okay?" "Yes I am." I think, no, I know im going to be okay. She smiles and drives to school.


As I walk in the building, it's not the usual sympathetic looks and encouraging words. It's warm smiles and a few hugs. Shane was waiting by my locker, unusual. When he saw me, his face lit up. His dark eyes sparkled and he gave me a bright white smile. I was immediatly caught off guard when he hugged me. "I'm happy for you, I really am." With that, we headed to first period. I took my usual seat in the third row, fourth seat back. Ms. Truitt walked in and asked us to pull out our history books. I did as told and went to the page instructed. As I was taking notes, the in-class intercom rang over. "Ms. Truitt, can I have Raine Matthers to the attendence office, please?" "She'll be right there." I get up and Ms. Truitt hands me a pass.

 I walk in the office, and see my principal with a couple. "Ah, Raine, come." Dr. lawson said. I came and sat down beside the strange people. "Raine, this is Mr and Mrs. Hartgrove." I shake their hands. "They are your foster parents, until you are adopted." "Will I still be going here?" "No, this is your last day.." Mr. Hartgrove speaks up.


It was the end of the day, and I am going to a new family today. Tessa drove us to her house, and the car ride was full of sadness. We pull up to her house, and the Hartgroves are already there. Tessa runs to me, "I love you, Ray." She pulls me into a hug. "I love you too, Tess."



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