Completely Unexpected *ON HOLD*

Raine has it hard, until a drastic event changes her life completely.


1. Chapter 1


 The bell rang, letting us know that the school day has officially ended. I walk up to my locker, and notice my bestfriend Tessa is waiting for me. "Hey, Raine!" SHe Practically screams when seeing me. "Oh, Hey Tess." I chuckle as she hugs me. Tessa has always been there for me, literally, since 2nd grade. I start placing my textbooks in my locker, and Tessa gives me a serious look. "Soo.." I turn to face her. "I call today, don't I?" Her voice sounds unsure when she asks. I nod, and stop the tears from falling.

  My school isn't like most. We all actually care for eachother, and aren't so judgemental. Everyone knew what was happening to me. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. I had the bruises and scrars to prove it, but no one ever sees them. I ccover them up with long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. Tessa pulls me into a hug, as I finally let tears fall. "It'll be okay, Ray. I promise." I smile at the nickname she had for me. I found it cute. I pull myself away, and wipe my face. We start our journey torwards Tessa's car. An abundance of people noticed me, and gave me sympathetic looks. I heard a few of  them say things like;

"Your strong." "Your brave." "Your beautiful."

Believe it or not, those words are what kept me strong for almost 5 years. My thoughts were interrupted when 3 varsity basketball players came up to Tessa and I. The 3 tall figures belonged to Jimmy Oak, Joey Fallen, and Shane Blue.
"Raine," Jimmy started. "We know how strong you've been, and we want you to know that we will always be there for you. All of the varsity basketball team will. Just remember that please?" My eyes begin filling with tears again, as Jimmy hugs me. "Thank you." i choke out, hugging Joey and Shane as well. Joey reaches into his backpack and pulls out a jewelery box. You know, the ones that wedding rings are placed in? Yeah, one of those. He hands it to me, and i look at him wierdly. I begin to open the case, and i'm shocked at what I see.

It's an infinity sign, with the word strength engraved on it. "It's beautiful." I gasp. "Shane bought it." Joey says, nudging Shane. Shane blushes, "I saw it and I thought of you." He takes the neclace, and laces it around my neck. I hug him once more. We continue our journey to Tessa's car. We reach her baby blue mazda mx-5 miata, and set off for my house.



 We are arriving to my house in about 5 minutes. Tessa whips out her phone. 'Hello? Yes, I's like to report a case of child abuse." She pauses for about a minute or so, then tells them my age and address, and hangs up. "They'll be there in 10 minutes." The 5 minutes it took to reach my house were filled withs Tessas constant words, saying it'll be okay. Now we're at my house. My hearts beating rapidly and i'm scared to death. "You know the drill." She says and hugs me. I get out and walk to my front door. As soon as I walk in, I am grabbed on my upper arm. My mom slams me into a picture, and the glass breaks causing it to cut the back of my head. My mom continues to beat on me, while my dad holds me down. my 'mom' slaps me one more time, "Go to your room, you slut." As soon as I stand up my phone vibrates, signalling police are here. I run, and successfully make it outside, with my parents in trail.

 I find myslef instantly in the arms of Tessa, balling my eyes out. i look up, and see my parents in handcuffs. I feel like a 10 thousand pound weight was lifted off my shoulders. "Hello. i'm deputy Samuels." A cop, maybe around mid-thirties says politely coming up to me. "Raine, may I speak with you alone please?" I nod, and follow her.

"How old are you?" She starts.


Full name and birthday."

"Raine A'aron Matthews. November 19th."

She looks up at me and places a hand on my shoulder, causing me to flinch back at her touch. "Im so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" I just nod. "How long, um, has this been happening?" She says quietly. I look up, and make complete eye contact.

"Almost 6 years."










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