Brooke's Kidnapping

Brooke and her brother Kyler were at their aunts for 2 years while their parents were in africa.
When everything gets back to normal her parents come home Brooke ad Kyler go back to their parents a bomb of bad things start to happen.
Little did Brooke know. This would change her life forever.


3. Back to school

On the day she went back to school at her grandparents house kids started to stare at her and giggle, laugh and make fun of her saying

“Brooke has no mommy and also no daddy HAHAHAHA!”

Brooke’s eyes started to water every time. Then she started having trouble with grades and started getting defensive over herself and her family especialy over Kyler, Grandma George, Grandpa George, and Aunt Lisa. She once got in trouble for punching a kid in the stomach because he made fun of how the guy might kill her and the boy decided to add in and say

“He might kill the rest of your family too just for fun HAHA!”

When she got to her new house with Aunt Lisa she would close the door and lock it then sob until dinner time. The next day her best friend Carollyn came over to vist, and she knocked on the door and Brooke opened it and hugged Carollyn and Carollyn said,

“Brooke I’m so sorry about your mom and dad if you want you can spend the night with me? But only if you want.”

“I would love to Carol I’ll ask my Aunt Lisa be right back.”

“Ok I hope she says yes!”

Brooke walked up to her aunt and she was crying with her hands on her head.

“Um Aunt Lisa………?”

“Yes Brooke?”

“Can I spend the night with Carollyn tonight? Please?”

“Yeah sure pack your bags.”

“Ok thank you so much and why were you crying?”

“Well when your mother and father died I thought my sister she is dead I’ll never see her face again and your father I’ll never see him and you will never see him either.”

“Oh Aunt Lisa it’ll be ok we all can get through this you, grandma, Kyler, and me we can make it through this understand me?” “Brooke it is more difficult than you think.”

“You and I both have been through this before on Uncle Lian we got through it we can do this.” “Brooke you are now the family leader.” Lisa chuckled a little then said, “You are the only one that thinks we can get through 2 deaths at once.”

“Listen Aunt Lisa I know how to do this and we will ok? Now I need to go pack my bags love you.”

“Love you too have a nice night.”

Brooke ran over to Carollyn and said, “She said yes she said yes!”


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