what to except..? (A Niall horan and Harry styles love stroy)

well...there's two girls that are friends and one day they meet the boys maybe all of them fall or each other..? will two of the boys fight over ali and akemi...? will they move into a hunted house and only ali and akemi know about it?...READ AND FIND OUT!!! <3


1. What just happend...?

"Ali come here please i found something!!"

"Akemi what the fuck to u want!!"

"well i got us One Direction tickets!!!!"




"my job and my birthday money"

"oh..oh! i found as a house! well im gonna go out now bye!!"

with that ali left to go to the mall and on the way there she ran into a tall curly haired boy....

"oh im sorry!" she ran out to the street and there...a car...hit her making her black out

                       **Ali's POV**

i remembered my 14th birthday having 'fun' but really cutting herself and dying on the inside....all she wanted was to be loved..but never got it her mum was always drunk her dad walked out on her all ali had was niall yes niall james horan and Akemi she lost niall when he went to the xFactor she didnt eat for weeks and only cut more...then...now...where she woke up...she saw him,niall standing right there in front  of her.


"yeah..its me..."


OK so this is my first fanfic i under stand if its boring buttt!! ill try to make it intertaing and i forgot this has alot of sexual stuff as we get into it soo please nobody under 14!!! XOXO Alice

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