The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


3. Today is great

{Alenas Pov}

Yesterday was really weird but the best. i never knew justin liked me like that. i mean i did but when he asked me it was the best thing you can think of. thanks to my friends this would never happen or maybe? when he first wanted to ask me he started off saying what he was gonna say to ask me out. well now you can see were together! i known him for a long time before all of this happened. ahh he just texted me .. sorry i get really excited when i get a text?

{Justins Pov}

wow before i slept she was in my mind. im glad i finally asked her out. i really got shy everytime i want to tell her but my friends got me there to do it.. she was really cute when she was walking with me.. i dont know but the way she is puts a smile on my face.. cant wait for school tomorrow and its finally friday no more school work until monday.



Heeeey you right there.. i turn around and its justin. oh gosh hes so embarassing everyone saw us while he was calling and running to me so to not make it that awkward i said BRO! He laughed at my Bro .. was i that funny? well okay i guess i am. we both walked into the school heading to the lockers and finding our friends there already.. they all had to say "awww look at the happily couple" we both turned around just to make them annoyed. i started to giggle while justin said ohh it was us!


-Bell Rings-

OH MER GOSH !! WERE LATE .. CMON JUSTIN ! yeah i dont like to be tardy i really dont want to hear it from my teacher Mr.Jaxon. i made it in time before he acutally got in the class. YES ! I thought i my mind. everyone rushed into the classroom and so the class begun.


-After Lunch-

Me, justin, zayn and perrie went to a icecream shop while everyone else went home or what ever they want to do. so i dont know if you noticed that me and justin knew each other like so much that he said my favorite icecream before we even got there. when we arrived we walked into the shop and me and perrie sat down while zayn and justin got our icecream.

Mmm Yumm this looks so good! when i was about to eat my first bite justin took a bite. JUSTIN THAT WAS MY ICECREAM ! So i took  a bite of his and next thing you know i trip and fall off of my seat because of him. im glad no one else was with us or that would of been to awkward. perrie gave me the wink to go to the bathroom so we told them we'd be right back.

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