The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


7. Sleep Over

This is the best friday we could have!

Perrie: yeah i agree

now all we have to do is wait for these girlys

.. weres silvy ?

Perrie: i really dont know

Alena: SILVY !!!!!


Silvy: yeah sis

where were you?

watching tv..

oh okay i just wanted to know

 Silvy went back to her tv and just when that happened danielle arrived.

Daaniiiii! as me and perrie screamed her name when she was coming in. GUYS! really? do you have to scream .. well yes thats the point but now that your here we need to wait for El.. hey aleee your phones got a text. oh everyone shh! Why do we have to Shh for you to check a text? i dont know .. im weird. AHHHHHHHHHH Its from .. its from ... Whos It From? The Boys. what they say ? there outside and they have something for us but to stay there because they''ll be back? UMMMMMM Okay then. Danielle: those boys are silly goofs! Periie: Yeah.. Alena: Yeep!

Dont you notice that El is always the last one here?

Perrie & Danielle; Yeeeeah!

-Doorbell Rings-

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL! as we sang her name even danielle joined it. ha we love doing that!





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