The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


6. Picking up my little sister

We leave from the park and head to my little sisters friends house. it was only a five minute walk and we arrived. i go with perrie to ring the doorbell. my sisters friends mom answered and called for her .. she was happy to see me and i was to! Aleeeee i GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU! You do? yah i made a drawing with your name.. aweee thanks silvyy its cute! it took a moment for her to figure out that perrie was there. they are like sisters just as we are! HII PERRIE ! Hii Silvyyy(: we both giggled and when we were walking towards justin and zayn she did her best to shout her throat out by saying Hi! shes a crazy little 5 year old. we said bye to her friend and her mom! they were laughing because they saw the whole thing. they lived a block away so it wasnt a long walk. it was already 7:30. well i guess we did everything early because i was supposed to pick her up by 7:30 oh well. Justin and zayn had to go home so we said our good byes. Alena ! can i stay over ? we should ask eleanour and danielle! it would be fun.. HECK TO THE YES! sorry .. let me call my mom. mommy.. can the girls stay over ? Yeah .. Ahh thanks mom!:D well my mom said yes .. your turn.

Perrie: Mom .. can i stay over at Alenas?

perries mom: yes .. do you have clothes?

Perrie: oh alena will let me borrow some

Perries mom: kay byee perrie

perrie: Bye <3

YAY ! now you call danielle and ill call eleanour ?

Okay .. wait noo lets both call at once ..

-Calling Danielle-

Alenas Voice& Perries-


Perrrieeee & Aleeeee ! whats up ?

we were wondering if you can have a sleep over at ales house ? Well duh i can .. let me ask my mom!

MOM! dang shes loud we can hear her from this phone hah

Danielle came back and said she can ..

Danielle: ill be right there bye guys


Okay Now EL!

-phone rings and el answers-


-Ale & Perries Voice-

Perrrieeeeeeeeeeeee ........... Aleeeeeeeeeee !

hah ... we were wondering if you wanted a sleep over with me perrie and danielle ?

.. Let me .. MOM! Im going to have a sleep over with the girls!

El's Mom- Okay ??? Byee

Well okay as we thought in our minds..

See ya guys later .. byee


this ones kinda long .. now on to chapter 7(:


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