The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


5. Park

We arrived at the park when me and perrie went straight to the swings .. childhood memories! zayn and justin ran after us to push us on the swings and before you knew it i started to scream because i got pushed so high i felt like i was going to fall but i didnt and im glad. after the swings we went on the slides .. i slid down and my mom was calling me..

Wait guys! my moms calling me..

Alena:  hi mom whats going on?

mom: hi alena i wont be back for another few hours so you have to pick up your sister around 7:30

Alena: ughh okay

mom: thanks ill let you go noow

Alena: okay bye

 -End of conversation-

Justin: Ale.. whats up ?

i have to go around 7:00 to go pick my little sister and all we have is like 30 minutes..

Perrie: aww really ?

Zayn: little sister heh

Justin: well im going with you to pick her up

Perrie: yeah mee to

Zayn: why dont we all go

Alena: gosh i have amazing friends..

Justin: friends .. really ?

Ale: you didnt let me finish!._.

Justin: ohh .

Ale: yeah and i have the bestest friends and boyfriend .. now is that better ?

Justin: yes


Okaay this chapter was kinda boring ! sorry next chapter will be better i hope and yay i got  a lot of views(:



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