The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


9. Day with fun

we are getting ready to go shopping! it takes us only like an hour to get ready. Al! ALL! Yeah? Silvy wants to go to her friends house i already got her ready and talked to miriam. can you take her please? Yeah mom i can take her. okay thanks! im off to work byee guys and have fun. we will thanks and bye mom. by this time were ready to go so i called silvy and we headed to her friends house first and dropped her off and now were off to the mall. yeah.. you think we need a car.. right ? well the mall is only 3 blocks away and its pretty cool so all we have to do is walk. my phone started to ring by saying i love the way you make me feel by ariana grande and mac miller. oh my gosh i love that song so i quickly picked it up and it was justin ! Let me put this on speaker..

Justin: Yo Peeps ..

Alena: your so weird haha and heey..

Justin:so you guys remember the surprise from yesterday?


Justin:well .. we are gonna give it to you guys at the mall..

Alena:oh .. so you are coming!


-Arrived at the mall-

Perrie,: so if there here .. were are they?

Alena: i dont know ..




You scared the creep outta me justin .. zayn and liam and louis did the same thing while harry and niall started to laugh.. NOT FUNNY!

Niall" oh come on .. it was pretty funny..

so.. i went and gave him a punch in the arm and he screamed ow like a girl .. OH WHAAAT NOW!

Justin: okay you guys lets go show em' the surprise!

All Girls! Ohh.. Yay!

They Blind Folded Us When ..



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