The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


1. Chapter 1

Hi, my names Alena and im going to tell you what is happening in my life, you may not find it intereting or maybe so i really dont know so here i go..


GUUUUUUUUUUUUYS! i go running to my five best dudes and my as i call my best friend, there names are Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and justin, noo.. i have other friends there just not here yet so.. GUESSS WHAT ? IM IN the concert i mean the program i mean the big show! we have this show every year and people can do what ever they want as far as singing and thats what im doing.. they were all pretty excited for me and of course am to but it can get really scary if your singing infront of a whole lot of people. but ill try to go as my best. Oh My i have to tell dani, perrie and elenour this.. are they here yet ? harry told me they were around the school but ehh.. ill wait untill lunch to tell them..

-End of day-

its pretty weird that we have to get out of after lunch but its also good because theres no more classes.

i go get my lunch and find were my friends are sitting. i see that justin saved a spot for me so i take a seat by him.. HI Guys! hows it going? as well they didnt answer except the girls and i respoded the same answer they had.. im good.

ughh .. we have to have this nasty lunch witch is somekind of chicken with fruit that i obviously dont like yeah.. i dont like frut. gotta problem?

well ill just wait until i get home to eat .. i have better food there.

justin noticed me not eating and him  not eating while everyone else ate. how can they like that stuff? anyways..

Alena? can  i uhh tell you something? like can we step out.


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