The 6 Bestfriends

This story is about these 6 bestfriends and these other 4 girls ... read to find out what happens next (: ?


4. Being funny

Alena i want to do a trick on them .. wanna do it ? oh how i love doing these .. YES ! So whats the trick. okay i was thinking to get our stuff and just leave and hide into a bush until they find us ? mmm okay lets do it but first lets put our cells on vibrate or silent. oh yeah so we get out of the bathroom and get our stuff, run outside and hide under a bush.

Zayn: Vas Happenin ?

Justin: i really dont know

zayn: well they went outside so lets go look

Justin: okay


Perrie and alenas pov-

oh my gosh this is so funny. and ahh my phone as i whispered .. its justin, i ignored it and put it in perries purse because justin has my backpack. we are the weirdest best friends ever but this is so fun though. periie: i know right and shh its them!


Justin: man were are they ?

zayn: maybe they went back insdie

justin: yeah maybe lets go see


Zayn and justins pov- we go inside and there not there so we go back outside when ..



did we scare you ?


Alenas and perries pov-

we finally got out of the bush and went to stand by the doors so they can find us and next thing you know you see priceless faces from them.


Justin: ha no you didnt

zayn: yeah .. you didnt


Alena: oh what ever you should of seen your faces.. they looked like you were scared..

Zayn: okay you scared me

Justin: me to

Periie: ha we knew it


Okay lets go to the park ?

All- Yeah!

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