Zayn Malik. You know who he is, right? Of course you do. So does Kristina, but everyone calls her Is for short, because she just, is, ya know? If she could describe Zayn in one word, it would be sexy. If Zayn could describe Is in one word, it would be sexy, too. But, to Is, freak, mutant and/or, well, superhuman, would be more like it.


12. Why Can't Life Be Simple?

   Zayn's POV

   I tapped my foot impatiently waiting for the elevator to arrive. My arms crossed over my chest in annoyance. Liam kept texting me. I pulled out my phone, and typed a text back to him. To: Daddy Direction   I'm coming! The flipping elevator is taking forever. 

   I was supposed to meet the boys in Liam's room 5 minutes ago, and his room was on the 13th floor. Mine was on the 7th. I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like taking the stairs. So I waited.

   Is's POV

   On the 7th floor, the gears ground to a halt, smelling like burnt rubber. Eek. Maybe this'll be good, I thought. Lucky 7, ya know? I kept my head down as someone else stepped on. They went to the other side of the 'vator, and I pressed myself up against the other wall. It was the typical awkward stranger silence. Oh joy. Ding, ding, ding, went the elevator, announcing every floor it passed. 10, 11, 12, ding. The grinding sound was really loud now, practically screeching. Me and the stranger cover our ears with our hands. The burning smell was strong, and about 5 seconds later, the electricity in the elevator went out, leaving me engulfed in darkness.

   "Oh my God," I whispered. "Freaking metal death trap."

   The stranger laughed, not in a mean way, more like, I-totally-understand way.

   I glanced over at wat sounded like guy, from his deep laugh, although I couldn't see him. "I do not like elevators."

   "I can tell." Definitley a guy. I could hear his feet shuffle a little. "What floor were you headed to?" he asked.

   "13, I think," I replied. 

   "Same here," came his voice from across the "room". I closed my eyes, feeling like I was gonna barf, and put my hands on opposite walls. I my head, they walls were going to close together and suffocate me if I didn't do that. I'm a little claustrophobic.

   "You alright?" he asked, sounding sincerely concerned. It's been awhile since I've heard someone sound concerned for ME.

   I shook my head no, then realizing he couldn't see me, "No," I choked out.

   And then, he did the most caring thing anyone had EVER done for me before. He started to sing.

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