Zayn Malik. You know who he is, right? Of course you do. So does Kristina, but everyone calls her Is for short, because she just, is, ya know? If she could describe Zayn in one word, it would be sexy. If Zayn could describe Is in one word, it would be sexy, too. But, to Is, freak, mutant and/or, well, superhuman, would be more like it.


7. We All Make Mistakes

   Zayn's POV

   Paul came running toward us in the airport. "Niall, Zayn! I've been looking everywhere!" he exclaimed. "Where the heck were you guys!"

   Niall and I exchanged a look, then burst out laughing. Niall made a little circle with his hand. "Here," he simply stated. We burst out laughing again. Paul gave us a strange look, then grabbed our wrists and dragged us forward.

   "Wait!" I yelled out, still laughing. I pointed in the opposite direction in which we were being pulled. "Suitcases!" Paul, understanding my one-worded language, loosened his grip on my wrist and I broke free. I collected my bags, still laughing, still clutching that little piece of paper. I glanced upward, which, little did I know, was the biggest mistake of my life. Or not. 

   Is's POV

   Some guy came for the Idiots. Screw this, I thought. I don't give a f-. My thought were interupted by laughing. It really was a beautiful sound. It lifted my dark mood slightly. I turned my head to find the source. I quickly snapped my head back, feeling like my slightly better mood just jumped off a cliff. Idiots, I thought. Then I sighed. What the hell was wrong with me? I have never been this moody, not even when I slept with that freaking drug-dealer of a boyfriend (yes, that is how he got his got his money). I crossed my arms against my chest and pouted.

   Zayn's POV

   That little slip of paper I had clung onto for so long drifted towards the floor. I was frozen, completely paralized. 

   Niall walked up behind me and picked up the paper.  "Here, ya dropped it," he said, shoving it in my face. 

   I blinked a couple of times, coming out of my trance, but just one more looked sucked me right back in. Niall followed my gaze. "Oh," was all he said. In front of us, stood the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was standing with her back slightly tilted toward us. She had a oversized coat on, pulled tightly around her. Her hair looked windblown, as if she'd been outside in a hurricane, only it made her look sexier. She had her arms crossed over her chest, looking pissed. I smiled to myself. I was going to get her to be mine.

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