Zayn Malik. You know who he is, right? Of course you do. So does Kristina, but everyone calls her Is for short, because she just, is, ya know? If she could describe Zayn in one word, it would be sexy. If Zayn could describe Is in one word, it would be sexy, too. But, to Is, freak, mutant and/or, well, superhuman, would be more like it.


5. My Invisible Stalker

   Zayn's POV

   Someone was following me. Me and Nialler. And it wasn't like the normal fan-stalking type thing. Everytime I turned around, I felt like someone was watching me, but no one was ever there! It felt......kinda good though.

   Niall grabbed me by the arm and dragged me forward as I, once again, stopped to look behind me. "Come on!" he exclaimed impatiently. 

   I tore my arm free of his grasp, rubbing it. "It's just-" I started.

   Niall waved his hand, intterupting me. "Yeah, yeah. 'I feel like someone's watchin' me!'" he quoted.

   I glared at him and kept walking through the airport in Las Vegas. Niall ran to keep up with me. "Oh come on. Don't pout now." he laughed.

   I whirled on him. "Shut up!" I hissed through clenched, smiling teeth. "People are taking frickin PICTURES!" I practically screamed the last word, still smiling for the papperattzi that were constantly following us. "Maybe you don't feel like I do, alright? But I DO!! Now just, like, please." I turned back around and started walking again. Niall looked kind of surprised, because I normally don't snap at people like that. I took a deep breath. "I'll be right back," I mumbled, feeling pretty low.

   I walked around a corner, heading to the bathroom. I really needed to cool down. I stuck close to the wall as I walked, which obviously was a mistake. Just as I was turning the corner, so was someone else, and we ran smack-dab into each other. I fell down, but she managed to stay upright.

   "Sorry!" I exclaimed.

   She shook her head and held out a hand to help me up, which I gratefully took. "It's no biggie," she said with a shrug. She was surprisingly strong. And pretty. She must've noticed me staring at her with a loss for words, because she introduced herself. "Beatrice, but people call me Bea."

   I smiled at her. "I'm Z-."

   "ayn," she finished. "I know," she said with a laugh.

   I smiled more, then nodded at her. "Well, thanks," That"s it? I thought. God, your so lame Zayn.

   Thank God she smiled. She quickly scribbled something down on a piece of paper, then handed it to me. I took it. Her hand was warm and soft. I got to see that beautiful smile of hers once more, before she walked off.

   I was in love.

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