Zayn Malik. You know who he is, right? Of course you do. So does Kristina, but everyone calls her Is for short, because she just, is, ya know? If she could describe Zayn in one word, it would be sexy. If Zayn could describe Is in one word, it would be sexy, too. But, to Is, freak, mutant and/or, well, superhuman, would be more like it.


6. I'm So Not The Jealous Type.

   Is's POV

   Remember those two boys I was stalking? Yeah, well they split up, as one apprently needed to pee or something. It was the bad boy-ish one. So what do I do? Instead of staying near the blond non-bad boy-ish one, like a sweet little 15 year old who's learned their lesson, I follow the other one. The one with the jet-black hair. And tattoos. And earrings. I'm stupid.

   So, as I'm walking around this corner, I almost run into someone. Almost. But, the bad boy-ish human who couldn't turn invisible runs into them. Or more spefically, a her. Bea, as she called herself. I only stood about 2 feet away from them, practcally feeling the heat from the sparks that were flying. So, you wanna here the weirdest thing of them all? I felt JEALOUS. J-e-a-l-o-u-s. Why?!? I mentally cussed myself out. As those two were making googly eyes at each other, I stalked off, feeling really upset. I plopped down on the bench next to blond one, oblivious to him of course. Go invisibilty.

   Zayn's POV

   I had a really light, happy feeling inside as I walked back to Niall, clutching that piece of torn paper with Bea's number on it as if my life depended on it. I was pretty sure it did, too. As I was sitting down next to Niall, right before I sat down, actually, I felt like I sat on something. Or someone. I qucikly stood up, that happy, light feeling evaporating quicker than anything, and being replaced by that creepy ghost-like stalker feeling. Niall gave me a weird look, so I tried it again, this time making it all the way to the bench without hitting anything else first. I shoved that ghost feeling deep down inside me, letting the light feeling slowly fill me up again. I knew it wasn't going to be long before the creepy feeling returned, though. It never is.

   Is's POV

   All of a sudden it hit me. Like, litterally. Well, nothing hit me, exactly. More like it sat on me. That sulky-upset mood I was in shifted to a fury bubbling up inside me. I balled my fists, ready to start throwing punches if nessesary. Then I realized who it was. I inhaled deeply, counting to ten. My fists slowy uncurled, as I stood up and moved out of the way. I walked away about 5 ft, then for the first time in an hour, un-invisi-fied myself. Those two boys started talking and laughing again, and I felt some unidentified, well, thing, stir inside me. 

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