Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


36. You too?!

Chelyse's P.O.V.

Soon I heard the door open and shut. I heard Stephanie and Niall's voice. I raced downstairs and hugged them. It felt like you guys were gone forever!!! Wait, Why are you here I thought you had one more day? I said confused.

 Well we did, Stephanie started to say but I found out im pregnant with triplets! 3 Boys!!

Niall shrieked 3 boys!! Oh my goodness Now we can do EVERYTHING Together Niall said was a happy face. Yeah, and i will have less work because they'll be clinging to you! Stephanie said with a laugh. 

I grabbed Stephanie's arm and took her into Valeria's room where I locked the door. What's going on?! Valeria asked as she put down her book and hopped off her bed. 

I think im pregnant too I said confessing. Stephanie clapped. Pregnant sisters!!! She said trying to give me a high 5. I slapped her hand down. Im scared!! What if Zayn leaves or something goes wrong?! I shrieked scared to death. 

Well we'll just take you to the doctor to see if you are and If you are then we'll see the genders and then you can tell Zayn and if he loves you he will not leave you, Valeria said with a proud smile. 

But first lemme take a pregnancy test I said. Hold on I think there are some extra's in the storage room Stephanie said leaving the room and coming back in less then 3 minutes. I took it from her and raced to the bathroom. After I was done I waited for results.




It was positive..........

My heart dropped and i fell to my knees. One side of me was happy. One side was filled with fear.

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