Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


6. What's wrong?!

We both looked back at Elizabeth. What's wrong?! I whispered loudly. She screamed again and i covered her mouth. She pointed at Niall with wide eyes. I let go of her mouth.

Your Niall James Horan from one direction!! I love you so so much can i have your autograph?! She said excitedly. 

Uh yeah sure he replied while signing her notebook. He looked at me and smiled, Love it's getting late I should really leave he said to me while gesturing toward the window. Before he hopped out he frowned at me with his crystal blue eyes. "Im sorry", he said to me while looking at the ground "For what"? I asked back as he sat on my window sill. "For trying to kiss you".... He said embarrassed. I knelt down next to him and kissed his cheek. "Dont say sorry, I wasn't gonna stop you.." I said as I blushed. He blushed and Smiled. "See ya tommorrow love". And  with that he hopped out of the window, 


Just then I felt Elizabeth's head. It wasn't that bad. "How are you feeling Liz". I asked her as i lay back on my bed. "I feel okay, Now that you let Niall James Horan climb into the window give me an autograph you kiss him on the cheek and then he climbs out. Im feeling fine...She said to me with a cheeky Harry smile as she got out of my bed. I'll make you some soup I said as I got up and went into the kitchen. 

My father Eric as I dont like to call him dad because he is dead to me. He was watching TV with a bunch of beer bottles surrounding him. He used to be a good guy until mom dies. Then he started drinking a lot and doing drugs. He started going to jail and threatened me if I didn't bail him out. Sometimes I wanna run away with Niall and Elizabeth. They seem like the only two people who care for me. 

As soon as I was finished making Elizabeth's soup I put it on a plate and trying not to spill it the front door slammed. 4 Big guys came in and looked at me from the kitchen. One of them said to Eric "Thats your daughter"? the other said "She's a good one"! They began approaching me, I dropped the plate and sprinted into my room and locked the door. I heard them running after me. Elizabeth got up "Stephanie?! Whats wrong"!! She asked with a scared look. I was expressionless. I grabbed my suitcase and threw in some clothes I picked up Elizabeth's bag and put it on top. Soon they were breaking down the door. Dents and holes filled the door. One of their faces fit the hole and smirked at me. I could do nothing my cry and rock in the middle of my room with Elizabeth because I was so scared. Elizabeth was getting really angry about the situation. It was actually pretty dark outside but what she did was really smart. She turned off the lights and smashed the light bulb. She opened the window and threw down her old shoes. She then grabbed my arm and we raced into my closet. To make them think we hopped out of the window. Soon we heard footsteps and the front door slammed once again. That was our signal they were gone searching for us. 

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