Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


15. Truth or Dare

When everyone was finished we decided to go out to eat. Someone suggested Mc Donalds. I smacked my head. How about we go to TGIF Fridays? I suggested something not plain. Yeah!! Zayn and Liam agreed. We went out to eat and headed back to the house. Everyone gathered up in the living room. Everyone sat down. The only people left standing was Me and Stephanie. There was an open seat between Niall and Harry or the other next to Zayn. Stephanie ran over and sat with Zayn. I was kinda jealous. I sat between Harry and Niall. Niall just kept staring at Stephanie with an upset look I could tell he was disappointed. Everyone was just sitting there in silence, It was a staring battle. Niall was staring at Stephanie. Zayn was staring at me. Destiny was staring at Harry. Erika was staring at Niall. I was no part of this, it was too awkward. So i finally spoke up. Hey, how about we play a game? I suggested again. How about we play we play a short game of would you rather then truth or dare? Louis asked. Just then a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes came down in pajama's. She walked over to Stephanie and said I wanna play!!! Stephanie shrugged and told her to find a place to sit. She sat next to Louis. Okay, Harry started to say. Stephanie, Would you rather date me or Niall? Niall eyed me and stood up. I need to be excused  he went up stairs. Stephanie looked at me and talked with her eyes, She had a desperate look asking for help. I replied by raising my eye brows to go follow him and work it out. She stood up like Niall and walked off. We continued the game. 


Stephanie's P.O.V.

I ran upstairs looking for Niall. I didn't want to fight anymore. I walked past the bathroom and heard someone crying it sounded so sad. I knew it was Niall. Just like Niall had taught me when we were little I picked the lock. I opened the door to see Niall sitting on the floor with red puffy eyes. I rushed to his side and hugged him. He looked up at me and wiped his tears. Im sorry, I whispered to him. I overreacted i dont wanna fight anymore. Will you forgive me? I asked him. He looked at me and smiled. It was my fault He whispered back. And why is that? I asked him. Because, I thought you didn't like me so I found someone who liked me which was Erika and so I tried to date her to get you off my mind. But i knew she wasn't the one. You are and I love you to all my heart. He said to me. I started cry and I hugged him. He lifted my chin. Will you go out with me? He asked as he smiled. I didnt say anything I grabbed his shirt collar and kissed him. That's your answer. And with that I got up and went back downstairs so play the rest of the game. 

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