Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


19. Saving A best friend

Before we pulled up next to the house I told everyone about the secret necklace and not to tell Stephanie ANYTHING! Everyone nodded and Chelyse gave us all forks. Zayn laughed. Babe, do you think we would fight with forks? Zayn asked her. Would you rather get beat up? She asked with a smirk. Zayn shook his head. Nah ill take the fork he said taking the fork from her hand. Soon she didn't have anything to defend herself with. 

Babe, You dont have any weapons for defense. Zayn said to her. She kissed his cheek. Zayn I'll be fine im serious. 

So we started walking towards the house. I took the lead. I led them to the back door which no one used. There i kicked it open and Niall caught the door so it wouldnt make a loud thud and attract Eric's attention. We couldnt see a thing. Good thing i took Chelyse with me because she always has the equipment. She flicked on a flashlight and gave it to me. Soon we heard snoring and I tripped over a body. Niall shrieked. Baby, I said to him and laughed. Valeria bent down and flipped the body over. It was Stephanie!! I patted her face and she woke up. Niall!! Liz!! Zayn Chelyse Valeria!!! Oh thank god your here!! She said as she tried to hug us but then we realized she was chained to the wall. 

Stephanie's P.O.V.

You need the key, Its in Eric's room. I explained to them. I'll stay and protect you Niall said as the others left. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. Never run away like that again. you promise? He asked. I promise I said with a smile. 


Chelyse's P.O.V.

We were all walking upstairs and I told everyone to stay back. Zayn insisted he come but i was seriously fine my self. I knew how to handle a fight. I reached a room and i heard snoring. There was a skinny man sleeping in the bad. That must be Eric. He aint that bad i could totally handle him i said to myself. I searched the room looking for the key until I finally found it under his bed. I picked it up and sneezed from the dust. He woke up and stood behind me. 

The battle was on.

He pushed me and I kicked him onto his bed. He grabbed my leg and slammed me down on the floor really hurting my back. I tried to get up limping but her picked me up and slammed me again. Just before he was gonna slam me again and really almost fracture my bones I pulled out my secret weapon and cut him. He fell back and I kept kicking him in the face until he went un concious. I dug around in his closet and found a pair of hand cuffs. I handcuffed him to the door and turned on all the lights. He woke up and started cursing. At the same moment Zayn Valeria and Elizabeth came rushing into the hall way where I was. Before I could even walk over to them I collapsed and all i remember was Zayn screaming my name as I blacked out. 

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