Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


40. Relaxing

After the wedding I was exhausted. There was paparazzi every where Fans ugh It was complete chaos. I just held onto Niall the whole time he would keep me safe. 

We finally all got back to the house and as soon as we did went into my bed. I was not feeling so good. The baby would be coming soon. Well the babies... I just had to be in a good mood because Chelyse and Zayn were getting married soon 

Niall came in and laid next to me on the bed. He gently looked at my hand and at the ring. He kissed my finger and kissed my belly. After this if you wanna move out and get a place of our own we can y'know. He said to me looking up into my eyes. I will think about it, I dont wanna leave Valeria and Chelyse. Maybe they could come with us? I asked with puppy dog eyes. 

Babe how about i buy a gigantic mansion for all 3 of us to share? It will be me you Chelyse Valeria Liam and Zayn. You like that? He asked.

I clapped my hands. Yes!! Thats awsome I said as I kissed him. I'm glad you befriended me I said to him. Im glad I did, He said back..


*A couple months later*

Chelyse's P.O.V.

Today was the wedding day. I was so nervous I couldn't sleep. Valeria and Stephanie kept telling me to get my beauty sleep but I couldn't. When I was little I had stage fright but it wasn't stage fright. I was afraid Zerrie fans would sabotage the wedding. Zayn told me not the worry. The wedding would take place in a park with green grass and flowers. It would be really extremely sunny but not hot that you'd get dehydrated it will be just right. 

My cousin Heaven who im thinking about letting her join the band came over since she was  my best friend. I kind of think Harry likes her. But she used to like Liam just a bit. But anyway, She came over to do my hair. 

She curled everything it was all curly and wavy. She put on a mini tiara that i won in a singing competition when i was 13. I put on a A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Court Train Satin Tulle dress with Lace. It was beautiful. This was the day I was waiting for. I put on some nice heels and headed into the limo with the girls. 

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