Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


2. My family

STEPHY POO POO!! I heard a small and familiar voice say. I opened my eyes to see my little sister Emily hopping on my bed. I gasped and pulled her close to me. I missed her so much!! I barley got to see her because since my mom passed away she ordered Emily and my other sister Elizabeth to live with my aunt. I told my mom what happened between my father and I and she wanted everything to be safe so i suggested the girls Live with my aunt Reema. 

"Come on Steph!!" Emily said pulling me out of my bed. She's pretty strong for a 5 year old. I got up out of my bed and follow in that ONE DIRECTION Emily was pulling me. My Aunt Reema gasped and ran up to me. "Stephanie!!" Oh my I've missed you!! She hugged me. Its nice to see you too Aunt Reema... Um where's Emily? I questioned. Oh she's outside with Chelsea. She replied. If your probably wondering... Chelsea is my adopted sister, her and Emily are completely different from other 5 year olds. I just think they are very mature. Stephanie!! Chelsea yelled as she jumped out of Elizabeth's arms. She hugged my legs since she wasn't tall enough. Elizabeth just sat there and looked away as if we weren't even here. Chelsea ran inside and I sat on ledge next the Elizabeth. 

You okay Liz? I asked as i looked up at the clouds. Yeah, Im fine I just wish you were with us. She said with a saddening tone. Its for our own good, If I left Eric would go crazy and that would create chaos I told her, I knew she was upset.

Elizabeth knew about all about our dad Eric. She walked in once on his beating me up and he slapped her across the face and she passed out. I had to take care of her until she woke up. I then explained to her what happened. Elizabeth could fight back. She was just caught off guard, after all she does take defense classes and she's an expert. 

Suddenly a car came up. We knew that it was Eric's we both raced inside. I sprinted into the house and cleaned up every thing I didn't want him to abuse me in front of the girls. I told Aunt Reema that Eric was here and she told the girls to stay in my room with me. I took the girls in my room and gave them entertainment. My room was pretty big so i just pretended they werent there. Chelsea and Emily were coloring and Elizabeth was reading a book. I was on my phone playing temple run until I heard screaming down stairs.

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