Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


9. Meeting the rest of the gang

Harry led me out of the van and carried me bridal style into the house as he set me down. "Can I get you anything"? He asked in a Cheeky smile. "Um could I get some water"? I croaked out. "Of course you can he said as he left me there, I walked back outside where Niall was taking my bags. I'll help you Nialler I told him as I held Elizabeth's bags. Thanks he replied to me as he stared at me the whole walk to the house. We sat on the couch and 3 boys came down. They were all wearing fake mustaches. "Im Zayn one of them said as he fluffed his hair."Im Louis the carrot loving one" one of them said as he held up a carrot.  "And im Liam the normal one one of them said as he ripped off his mustache and sat on the couch. I would like you all to meet my friends "Stephanie Marie Vasquez and her sister Elizabeth Mae Vasquez". Niall said as he held my hand. "Are you guys dating"? Liam asked from across the room. Niall looked at me and blushed I blushed back, "Were just friends". "Pretty good friends". Elizabeth said as she rolled her eyes and smirked at Niall and I. "How old is she"? Louis asked. "Im 11 and a half years old and i love carrots"!! She said as she took at bag of carrots and ranch sauce out of her bag."Elizabeth, You carry carrots around with you"? I asked her as I chuckled a little bit. "Duh"! She said as she bit into one of the carrots. Louis stared at her wide eyed. "We could totally be best friends"!! He said as he led Elizabeth upstairs. 

"Well they're bonding great". Zayn said with a laugh. I laughed back, Zayn was so cute. Ever since I saw him I knew he was just perfect. But I had feelings for Niall. Oh well, It's not like Zayn would like me. "So, Do we have any plans later"? Niall asked Liam. "Well, Simon said he would meet us here later with some new clients". Liam answered as he sipped a bottle of water. "So what are we gonna do for the rest of time"? Niall asked. At the same time Harry came into the room "Heres your water Stephanie". He handed me a glass of water. "I should pack start unpacking" I said as i got up. "I will help you"!! Harry said as he rushed upstairs with me


Niall's P.O.V.

I watched as Harry left with Stephanie. I was super tots jelly. I really was mad at harry for taking her. I mean he's Harry he flirts with everyone, Literally everyone. I knew that I could win her back, After that kiss between us it's just been awkward.

After a couple minutes, Liam suggested we watch a movie. Before I could suggest a movie to watch Liam shouted out "TOY STORY"!!!!! So we watched Toy story until Liam's Phone Rang. He said he needed to take the call so we shut down the movie to make it a bit quieter. About 2 minutes later Liam hung up. "Simon will be here in less than 10 minutes with the clients. He wants us to be dressed good". Liam said as he went upstairs. I rushed upstairs to notify Elizabeth and Stephanie. 



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