Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


11. Meeting new clients

Stephanie took a seat between Zayn Harry and I. You look beautiful I told her as she fiddled with her fingers and blushed, Thanks Niall you look cute tonight She said as her face lit red. I smiled she was so cute. She looked over and I noticed that Zayn and Harry were staring at her. I expected Harry but not Zayn did Zayn like her now?

The door came open and Simon walked in along with 4 gorgeous girls. They all took a seat and Simon folded his hands. Good afternoon boys I came to introduce you to my new band Spotlight, These are the members Chelyse Joseph, Valeria SotoMayor, Destiny Pagan, and Erika Trinidad. They all waved. I noticed Zayn wouldn't take his eyes off Chelyse he kept looking her up and down over and over again. Harry kept winking at Destiny. And Erika kept smiling at me. I tried to concentrate about what Simon was saying but I couldn't with the fact that Erika's eyes were glued to me. 

So, I would like to let the girls stay here you are basically going every where together so might as well, Now i must go. Good night. Simon said as he picked up his suitcase and left. Before he did 3 bodyguards brought 8 suitcases in. And with that Simon was gone. 

Stephanie's P.O.V.

How about we play a couple of ice breakers for the new girls? Liam suggested. Good idea mate Zayn said as he sat next to Chelyse on the couch I could instantly tell they had a connection. Okay so I'll go first. "I'm Liam Payne I'm Daddy Direction the sophisticated one and my birthday is August 29. Im Zayn Malik DJ MALIK the vain one and my birthday is January 12. Soon we all went until we got tired, Trying to be nice I helped Chelyse and Valeria unpack i could tell we were gonna be great friends.


After a couple weeks.....................

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