Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


33. Making Plans

It was Erika

Chelyse.. Do you need a friend? She asked. I sniffed Yeah... She sat next to me and we were both getting wet. She put her arm around me. I know it's hard but life is a struggle I know how it feels to be this way she said as she wiped my tear.

I smiled Erika was a great friend. If you need me tell me she said as she went back inside. 

I really didn't want to go in there. Sometimes I wish I was a kid back in the day.. 

Just them Zayn approached me . Soaked and wet we stared at each other. I ran into his arms. He hugged me and kissed my wet hair. It began to frizz. I didn't care that perfect moment. But then there was a bunch of screaming fans. I gasped and I felt like I was paralyzed. Zayn picked me up and we ran in circles soon he raced into the house and locked all the doors. 


I was so tired I limped upstairs into the bathroom and took a shower. As I was looking at myself in the mirror I turned to my side. My stomach was forming a bump. I held my stomach and my heart turned. I knew I couldn't have been pregnant. I was scared to tell Zayn.. What if he left me.. But i didn't know for sure. Well, The only person I've had sex with was Zayn...

I would just wait for Stephanie to come home. I would go with her and Valeria for now I couldnt say anything. 

I laid next to Zayn in our bed. I turned to him and played with his hair. Babe, I asked. Yeah love he said facing me. We both stared into each others eyes. Would you ever leave me? I asked him. Of course not not over anything in the whole wide world. He said to me. I kissed his nose and I quickly fell asleep.


 Stephanie's P.O.V.

I woke up and I realized Bryan had called me. How'd he get my number? I must've mentioned it and I gave him mine and he gave me his. I went downstairs to Niall who was waiting for me. Babe, whats going on? I asked, How about we spend the day watching at movie? He asked. Sure babe I said as I searched the kitchen for leftovers. I ate a bit and while i was eating my phone vibrated. I checked my text, I got a new one from Bryan saying: Wanna hang out , I wanna take you t

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