Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


7. Leaving

I knew that if they came back they would beat me so bad, Or again he probably invited them over so they could take turns raping me and I was so done with this crap. I barley had any nice things, the only thing i had to contact people was a laptop I got from my big cousin and a phone Elizabeth saved up and bought for me. ( Its an I phone 5). I began crying, I didnt know what to do I never had this much stress on me ever before in my life. I had to protect Elizabeth but I didn't want to get taken away or hurt so they could hurt her while im not around. I just sat in the corner of the room crying and balling my eyes out. I knew that when they came back they would injury me. Eric has stabbed me before right in the stomach. I was glad the scar was fading. I just sat there crying while Elizabeth looked at me. The room was filled with darkness. She dug in her bag and pulled out a flashlight. She hopped onto my bed and picked up my phone. Dialing a number, I hope it wasn't the cops. I just prayed. I didn't have the heart to tell her to not call them but I let her go on anyway. Soon she began talking "Hello"? "Yes she really needs you can you please come and help us she wont talk and she's really sad she's literally balling her eyes out". She continued. "Okay yes bye!! And come quick". I looked up at her. She gave me my phone and I looked into the call log. The number called on my phone was Niall's he would be here any second. I was actually really proud of her because she knew what to do and also Niall was the only one I could really talk to other than Elizabeth. Soon Niall climbed into the window and tumbled onto the floor. "Oww"!! Could you let some light in here? I almost broke my butt. Elizabeth giggled and pointed to me in the corner of the room crying. Niall rushed to my side and hugged me. "Love what's wrong"? You can tell me anything. I sniffled and tried to get it out all the horrible things that happened the past 3 years. I even told him about when Eric stabbed me. His eyes began watering as he hugged me. "You know what Stephanie I cant bear to see you like this your coming with me". "I will protect you Steph you have to trust me". He said to me as He looked me into the eye his blue eyes were so breath taking all I could do is stare, Elizabeth was completely stalled because she was on my laptop listening to One Direction I would using my headphones. Soon Niall leaned in and kissed me. His lips were so soft and his lips fit perfectly onto mine. I didn't want to stop him so we continued to kiss I knew we were both enjoying every single part of it. About 10 minutes later the front door slammed and I heard Eric's scream "I CANT BELIEVE THAT LITTLE HOE ESCAPED!! IF I FIND HER ITS THE END!! IM GONNA GO TO PRISON FOR THE REST OF MY DAMN LIFE!! IM GONNA KILL HER AND HER STUPID SISTERS"!! Elizabeth squinted her eyes "I swear if that old man lays his hands on me again imma turn into a damn honey badger cause i dont care". Niall laughed and we heard footsteps coming. I cried into Niall's shirt. He got up and opened the window. He grabbed our bags and threw them out. "C'mon Steph This is gonna be better for you". He said as he sat on the window sill. "Ill catch you both now hurry before he comes"!! And with that Elizabeth hugged me and jumped out the window. I had to jump before he caught me and possibly KILLED me. I wasn't so sure about the idea but i really wanted to leave plus there was no turning back now. 

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