Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


14. Joining Spotlight

We were escorted inside very quickly because there were lots of screaming fans. As we got in Simon was waiting at a table and we took our seats. Chelyse can we have a word? Simon asked as he led me into a small room.

Yes Simon? I asked. Well, Who is the charming young lady you brought with you? He asked while glancing back at Stephanie and waving. She waved back trying to smile and look her happiest. Oh, That's one of my best friends her name is Stephanie Marie Vasquez I was thinking about considering her in the band.. She's a great singer and quite a dancer. We have actually met before, We went to school together, I explained to him. Oh, that's great tell her she can join give her this paperwork and bring it in tomorrow he said handing me a stack of papers. Alright, So what song are we gonna sing?? I questioned. Um, since its close to Valentines Day you can do a cover of the boy's kiss you duet with each of you girls. I just have to call them, You can go back to the table I have to make a call. He said pointing at the door. Okay I said as i struggled to come out the room with the huge stack of paper. I actually fell so Destiny Erika Valeria and Stephanie helped me up. 

Soon about 15 minutes later of joking the boys came in. Simon came out of the room and stood on one side of the table. On one side sat Stephanie, Niall. and Harry. On the other side sat Liam Louis and Zayn. Then on the heads of the table was Valeria and, I and on the other end was Destiny and Erika. 

Okay, Simon started. I am going to pair you up with a partner now please hold hands with your partner across the table. Before i could reach for someone Zayn grabbed my hand and smiled. I blushed and Valeria nudged my arm smirking. So it was me and Zayn, Valeria and Liam, Erika and Louis. Left was Destiny Harry Niall and Stephanie. Stephanie was about 10 feet away from Niall. Destiny was near Harry but Harry was focused on Stephanie. Stephanie had a desperate look on her face and without any warning she grabbed Harry's hand. So Niall grabbed Destiny I could tell Steph was really upset with him. I saw the sadness in their eyes. One by one Simon called us and soon it was my turn. Zayn and I walked into the booth and we started singing kiss you. After we were finished we were walking out together and he was holding my hand. Your an awesome singer... He said as he faced me. I blushed and looked down. He lifted my chin and was leaning in until Simon busted through the door screaming STEPHANIE!!!! I looked away and walked off. In the distance I heard Zayn say DAMMIT SIMON!! I chuckled and sat down where everyone else was waiting for their turn and for everyone to finish.

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