Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


3. I wish i was never born

My Aunt Reema came into my room and gathered up the girls things. I could tell she was angry. Elizabeth help Chelsea and Emily with their coats we are leaving RIGHT NOW ASAP!! She yelled as she stormed out of the room. Chelsea and Emily got ready by themselves they didn't need help. We all went into the kitchen where Aunt Reema was about to leave. 

But Auntie.. I dont want to leave.... Elizabeth whined. IM OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE MY OWN DESICIONS!!

YOU ARE ONLY 11 YEARS OLD ELIZABETH!!! She yelled back. 

YOUR NOT MY MOTHER!! YOUR NOT IN MY REAL FAMILY!! STEPHANIE IS!! AND SHE IS ALL I NEED! Elizabeth yelled as she snatched her bag from Aunt Reema. She ran outside and brought back 2 other bags. I'm staying here!! Elizabeth yelled as she ran into my room and slammed the doors. Fine!! Aunt Reema got close to me. "If she gets injured your going to jail young lady". And with that she left the house,


Eric marched up to me. WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET THOSE PEOPLE IN MY FRIGGIN HOUSE!!!! He yelled as he faced me. THEY'RE FAMILY!!! I yelled back. I couldn't believe i yelled back at him. He punched me in the face and i fell to the floor with my lip busted, I must have screamed loud because Elizabeth raced out and started using her moves on him. But at one point when she was going in for a kick he grabbed her by the leg and dashed her to the floor where she passed out.


I picked her up and raced to my room where i put her on my bed but before i could help her anymore Eric pulled me out and into his room. You know what Stephanie. When your bad your gonna get this and with that he tore off his clothes and grabbed my pants off. I ran off the bed and tried to get to the phone. The only thing i could dial was 203- 32 I couldn't call 911 they wouldn't come in time. I knew Niall my best friend would. Before he grabbed me again i dialed the rest of the number but he grabbed me before i could tell Niall to help so basically all Niall heard was me screaming as he dragged me into the room. 

He threw me on the bed and slapped me hard on the face. I held my cheek and spit blood on the bed. I coughed and coughed and before i knew it he removed my underwear and entered me from behind. All i could do was scream. It was truly so much pain. He thrusted and thrusted in and out soon all i could do was moan. After that he got out of me crashed his lips against mine and dashed me into the hallway. I wish I was never born.....

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