Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


35. I cant believe this...

Bryan drove me home and I asked him to stay with me while I told Niall. Anything for you Steph He said as he walked me to the front door. I was so scared. I called Niall's name and he came running down the stairs. Stephanie i missed you!! He said as he hugged me. 

Niall... I have a confession to make I said slowly. Whats wrong love? He asked innocently, His crystal blue eyes were perfect I started crying. 

I-Im pregnant!! I said as I fell to the floor and cried. Niall stood there, Frozen he didn't move he looked at Bryan and pointed. I knew i shouldn't have let you gone with this disgusting little prood! Niall said angrily. He got you pregnant!! Niall pushed Bryan and Bryan fell to the floor. Bryan was not a lover nor a fighter so he just ran out the door. Niall looked at me, I cant believe this... I thought you loved me I loved you back and then you go and cheat on me with some guy you finally met yesterday. He said scolding me. I knew this relationship wouldn't last long He said as he sat on the steps and put his face in his hands. 

Niall, I would never cheat on you!! Thats not the kind of person I am. After all you did to me I would never!! Please believe me for our childrens sake! I yelled crying. 

He looked up at me with red eyes. Are you sure? He asked. Yes Niall I love you so much I want you to be there.. I said to him as he walked toward me.

Niall leaned on one leg. Stephanie Marie Vasquez will you marry me? He said as he showed me a beautiful ring. 

YES! I shouted I hugged him and we kissed. This was the best moment of my life. Niall kissed my belly, Babe, I cant wait this is gonna be great He said as we held hands. 

Im gonna go get packed i think we should leave early. After that Niall packed as fast as he could and we set back to the house to break the news.

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