Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


21. Arm Wrestling

Chelyse's P.O.V.

We finally reached back at the house. It was actually really early in the morning. I went up to my room to change. I decided to take a shower one time so i hopped in and took a shower for about 15 minutes. I got out in just a towel when I bumped into Zayn in the hallway while he was tweeting. I dont know why but for some reason he always stuck his tongue out when he tweeted, I let out a small chuckle. Hey babe I said as I walked past him. Oh hey cutie He said as he walked past me then he turned around and raced into our room. I really didn't know what he was up to. I walked in and for some reason he wasn't there. I closed the door and took off my towel and started getting dressed. I put on some red shorts with a red and white tank top. Then i let my hair out then I lay on my bed reading a book. About 12 minutes of reading the book I started rehearsing our new song when i heard a sneeze. I quickly reached over and turned off the light which made no sense because you could still see inside. I heard another sneeze so i replied. Bless you I said to the mystery person. Thank you Ooops!! 

I knew who it was. Zayn hid in my closet so he could see me nude. I opened the closet. ZAYN!! I yelled in a sarcastic scream. He came out of the closet with his phone. Did you record that?! I said snatching his phone. Yeah.. He said in a quiet voice. Fine, You can keep it just dont show it to anyone else! I said to him as i ruffled his hair. YAY! He said as he laid on the bed.


So... What do you want to do? I asked him as i laid next to him. Well, when the lads and i get bored we arm wrestle but your a girl and i might hurt your arm. He said laughing.

What's that supposed to mean? Girls are good at boy things!! I said to him while putting my hands on my hips. I got up from the bed. You think i cant arm wrestle cant you?! I asked him. He just laughed, I never said that i just said I'm pretty good i dont wanna hurt you. He said while stretching his arms. Unless.. Your brave enough. He said with a smirk. Who ever wins gets whatever they want. ANYTHING...

I rolled up my shirt sleeve. Its on!! I yelled

After About 5 minutes of struggling Zayn's hand went down. I laughed, Whos laughing now?! I questioned as I laughed. Fine but i'll let you win but you choose the prize I said while i stretched and laid out on the bed, So whaddya want? I asked him.

He smiled I know this is kinda early but how about some fun he said with a smirk. I giggled If thats what you want and with that we spent about an hour and a half with our so called fun.

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