Want to be there (FULL)

This is the full story for the 1 chapter I made for the 1SHOT41D Contest. Note: This is not for the contest!!


25. A visit

Stephanie's P.O.V.

I was snuggling up on the couch next to Niall. The doorbell Rang and there stood Aunt Reema. Oh hello, Stephanie. She said with a crossed face, You were on the news today she informed me in a quiet tone. Um yeah I know I said with a fake smile. Niall came by the door. Is everything alright? He asked.  Yeah babe, Were fine I told him.

I actually wasn't close to Aunt Reema. I didn't like her anymore. She never cared about me. She only wanted to raise the kids so when they're preteens she can ditch them and run off the Las Vegas. 

Well, I was wondering if it'd be alright if you could watch your little sisters until 7 she asked as Chelsea and Emily came in and went straight to Niall. Oh yeah that'd be great what's your nu- , By the time i could finish talking aunt reema was out the door. 

I came back into the living room and there was Chelsea sitting on his lap and Emily trying to climb to the top of his head. Em, my boyfriend is not a mountain I said as i took her off and sat her on my lap.

Niall this is Emily and Chelsea. Chelsea is adopted by the way but we treat her like she's my real sister. She's so cute, Does Elizabeth know that they're here? He asked. I guess not I'll go tell- , ILL DO IT!! Emily raced off upstairs followed by Chelsea. 

Well, Since we're alone I had some plans for Valentines Day babe Niall said as he played with my hair. And whats that? I asked. How about I take you out to dinner then I take you to a surprise? Okay, I'll go get ready. I raced upstairs and into Elizabeth's room where she and Louis were playing Mario Smash Bros. I turned off the tv. STEPHANIE!! I WAS ABOUT TO BEAT THE SCORE!! They both yelled then looked at each other confused. Boy, you trippin' you know i was 'bout to beat that score. Elizabeth said sassing him. Oh dont you dare sass me Elizabeth Mae Vasquez!! He said snapping his fingers back at her. Okay look! You two need to watch Emily and Chelsea for me. Aunt Reema will be back at 7. I dont know how long i will be gone but just make sure nothing gets out of hand. If you need help go to Chelyse and Zayn if you need more help Call Dani and El and if you need more help call me! I explained to them. They were both really immature so i hope that babysitting would help. I put on a cute pink short dress with some black lace on one side with black lace on my arm. I curled my hair and put on a little makeup and some lip gloss. I slipped on my shoes and scurried downstairs to see Niall who had a tuxedo on. I kissed him passionatley Thank you Niall, For everything. I said as I kissed him. It was all worth it and im glad we're together he said as he kissed me back. 


We headed out to the car and we drove for about 15 minutes before we got to a Resteraunt.








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