Sudden Last first kiss

Maybe it wasn't meant to be maybe he just doesn't look at her in that way...all these question flowing through her mind like a story that's not ending.Valentines day is just around the corner and Mia still single but there's this somebody she been dying to ask to be her valentine,Niall,to her he was everything,he was her heart if anything happens to him she would just die.She knew him since pre-k and now they are both seniors in just 4 months they would be gone out of each others life ..he has that nice smile those big blue eyes if she had the chance she would just stare at then all day.Shes hoping that in her final year she would get that last first kiss with Niall.Its now or Never she thought to herself as she walk down the hall whispering what she gonna say to him, at last she next to him as he turned around saying goodbye to his friends he look straight at Mia and says I need ask you something as he takes her hands and ask her would you be my valentine as he leans in and kisses her


1. Sudden last first kiss

Maybe everything happened for a reason and just maybe he's not look for a girl like her or he just thinks of as just friend.Valentines day is just in 7 days 1 week and Mia is feeling like she gonna b spending this valentines day alone.Theres this one guy she's just been dying to ask to be her valentine ,Niall...Niall Horan,blue eyes blonde hair and is the most sweetest boy shes ever met.They known each other since kindergarten now their seniors but not once has she. Been brave enough to tell him how she feels but she just to worried that it might ruin their friendship.Its now or never she thought to herself..she knows it has to be now as she quickly rushes down the halls to Nialls locker she notices Nialls talking to his friend she also know since kindergarten.She waits until Nialls done talking to his friend but as soon as she can just take a deep breath Niall turns around and say hay I've been looking for you I wanted ask you if you wanted to be my valentine as Mia is looking into Nialls eyes she notice that she had to answer slowly says yes but then as she's talking Niall leans in and slowly kisses her softly in Mia's mind she notices that Niall just gave her ,her suddenly last first kiss.
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