Juliet and Juliet

Opposites attract. Gender doesn't matter. Expect a better blurb later on.


2. Love at first sight

 “I hate this place. Why did we decide to go shopping here?” her mother snapped, as they walked into the store that was for, as she called it, peasants.

Super-Bargain was a cheap store, but with quality wares; Ms. Kinsley just had her own opinions about things, the more expensive the better. Ms. Kinsley and her daughter Abigale both wore very expensive clothes, make-up and jewelry, clearly showing off their proud status. Everybody stopped and stared as they walked by, Ms. Kinsley thriving on their admirable and jealous gazes, where as Abigale felt uncomfortable by it, even though she should have gotten used to it now.

We went shopping here because I asked so, Mother,” Abigale said so. Spoiled kid.

She had wanted to taste what was only referred to as “peasants food” when she saw that Super-Bargain had a sale on fruits.

10 fruits for 10 coins.

Her mother looked wryly at the other shoppers, as not even half of them bore any kind of expensive clothes. Well at least not what she meant was expensive. She wore a very dissatisfied frown as they made their way to the fruit and vegetables department.

Abigale on the other hand loved this. Everybody seemed so relaxed and peaceful. They wore casual clothes, not that much make-up and their hair had clearly not been done by a stylist. It was so nice to look at.

Well at least the fruits looks to be in a rather good shape,” her mother said and picked up a kiwi, looking at it as she turned it around. “But I wonder if it's also 10 per person...”

Ms. Kinsley looked at her daughter, whom just shrugged, and then continued her searching, as she looked for a possible worker at the store. And she found what she was looking for.

Rather closely to the fruit and vegetables department, stood the milk, eggs, butter and other dairy products in tall refrigerators with glass doors. By the milk knelt a worker wearing the red jacket that the Super-Bargain employees had to wear. She had a rather strange hair-colour, mainly black but with lots of coloured stripes in it, in all the colours of the rainbow. It was straight, yet seemed tousled. Her pants were loose, holed and clearly worn, in a bright blue. As she blew away a tuft of hair, Ms. Kinsley caught a look at her face, she wore dark and smokey eye shadow, with long lashes and had an entirely black eye-colour, obviously contact-lenses. She also had her right eyebrow pierced and had a piercing called “snake bite” with two smaller, silver spikes sticking out from underneath her lip.

Ms. Kinsley was rather repulsed by her rather colourful and promiscuous looks. She actually felt rather uncomfortable, and tried looking for another employee. If they would hire someone like her, the employees must be getting desperate, she thought. But no one else seemed to react to her any differently than from the next person.

Excuse me, miss. Is there any other employee I can talk to?” Ms. Kinsley asked and kept looking around, and took a step back when this younger girl stood up.

The employee of course knew why the finer lady asked for one of her co-workers, and was amused by it.

She smirked. “Sorry Ma'am, I'm the only one around this department. At least for the next hour.”

Oh! Well... Could you tell me if it's 10 per person?” Ms. Kinsley said and tried not to stare, as that was not very lady-like, but she found it difficult to not either stare or call for the manager about this girls looks.

The sale? No, you can take as many as you can pay for,” the employee said, looking over the taller woman, that stood in high heels, where she herself wore black sneakers with coloured laces.

She saw a younger female, possibly a year or so younger than herself, whom caught her eyes with her beauty. Wearing a warm jacket with fur on the inside, tight leggings in a grey colour, brown boots with a slight heel, making her 3-4 cm taller. She had removed her gloves, showing off rather soft, tanned and feminine hands, with manicured nails. Her hair was a perfect light brown, shining in the cheap light of the store. She wore a lot of make-up, but it was so perfectly done, that it could be hard to even notice, except for the extended lashes and her glossy lips.

Abigale looked back at her too, and felt her heart skip a beat when their eyes met, and her cheeks blushed when the other smiled at her, and she couldn't resist smiling back, shyly looking away.


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