Juliet and Juliet

Opposites attract. Gender doesn't matter. Expect a better blurb later on.


4. Abigale: The next morning


She straightened the familiar school tie, gently stroked the skirt and then looked in the large mirror.

She was so pretty, and she knew it. After all everyone always said so, so it had to be true. Right? She looked herself in her brown, almost golden, eyes and smiled with her perfect, white teeth. Her hair had been done, as it curled beautifully down her back and over her chest, yet straightened on the top.

“Abigale! Come, darling, we can't have you being too late for school!” Her mother yelled from downstairs, and Abigale gave a sigh.

She didn't want to go to this overly shallow school. But it was the best school money could buy, and it was expected of her to always show up on time and always have done her homework.

“I'm coming, mother!” She said, grabbed her bag and ran downstairs.

Down in the foyer, in front of the front door, stood her parents and prepared to leave for their jobs too. Her mother was straightening the tie of her husband, whereafter she went to do the same on Abigale.

“Darling, you still haven't gotten the tie straight either! You're just like your father.” Her mother chuckled.

Abigale didn't say anything, she just smiled a bit and sank hard when her school tie got a bit too tight. As they all then were ready, her mother yelled at the maids about their cleaning before they walked outside to the three cars parked in the driveway.

They all had a car each.

Her mother had the black Bentley, her father had one too, just of another model, and Abigale had a car of a whole other brand, as she had chosen hers herself. A silver VW Eos. It was cheap and had a retractable roof, which she loved.

They all said their goodbyes before they stepped into their cars, and left the driveway one at a time, with Abigale as the first.


At school, Abigale sat by herself as she didn't really get along well with any of the other rich kids. They were all so shallow and self-centered and cared for only the size of their wallets.

The first two hours of school passed surprisingly quickly, as Abigale just stared out the window and was thinking about that employee at Super-Bargain; what was her name again? Octavia?

The bell's ringing sounded and told everyone that there was a 15 minutes break, and Abigale was the first to dash out of the room.

15 minutes was plenty of time to go see Octavia, as she should be at work by now.

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