Juliet and Juliet

Opposites attract. Gender doesn't matter. Expect a better blurb later on.


1. Abigale and Octavia


This is a love story. How much of it is real, is up to you.

There's a girl; Abigale. Rich, beautiful, virtuous, smart and kind. Anything that would be fit for a princess in the movies. But as princesses in movies, she wanted something else that she didn't have: A life without expectations. Her father was a plastic-surgeon, her mother an ex-model and now owner of her own fashion-magazine. They both expected great things from her, they expected a great future. She was their only child, spoiled with everything she wished for, that money could buy.

Top grades, marriage, children, fame. All things that were expected of her. But she truly wanted none of those things, but feared nothing more than becoming a disgrace to the proud family name: Kinsley; a well-known name meaning “Proud” in Gaelic.

Then there's this other girl; Octavia. Sarcastic, rugged, impulsive and unpredictable. She's the kind that can't really be tamed nor labeled. She does what she wants to, when she wants to.

She flunked out of High School, now working for her own money to pay for her own apartment, just like her 5 brethren. There's no expectations lying on her, no parents nor name that she have to live up to. Her parent's died when she was 12, her oldest brother being 20 and youngest being 14, as there were 2 years between one another. They all took care of each other, living a loving life full of precious memories, and no judgments on their choices.

Octavia and Abigale was opposites. And as you know, opposites attract.

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