Juliet and Juliet

Opposites attract. Gender doesn't matter. Expect a better blurb later on.


3. A name

“Good! Come,” Ms. Kinsley said and waved the employee with her as she walked back to the fruits and vegetables.

It took the staff member a second to react, as she was having a rather silent chat with another person, letting their eyes talk as she kept the stupid smile, yet the other female, Abigale, was blushing and trying not to look back.

“Yes Ma'am,” she finally said and followed her, for whatever she needed her for.

“We will take a box of kiwis, bananas, pineapples, oranges and... hmm... apples,” Ms. Kinsley said as she pointed at each box.

The young worker grabbed a cart, pulling off the sides so that she could stack what the expensive customer wanted.

Abigale watched her every move rather closely and interested. This girl, she'd have to be the most interesting looking person Abigale herself had ever seen outside of theaters. But this was not an act. This was a real person.

“Maybe you were right about coming here, Abigale. The fruits look good and it's almost terrifyingly cheap!” Her mother said as she too watched the younger employee work, but with a different perspective.

“I agree mother...” Abigale said, yet the words barely made it through her lips.

“Is there anything else in here you want?” Ms. Kinsley asked her daughter, and then pointing at the employee resting on the cart. “You, come with us.”

It was not how the regulations worked for her work-space in Super-Bargain, but she let the fancy lady order her around, for the cost of getting to look at her daughter a bit more, whom had a rather perfect butt, she noted.

Ms. Kinsley's phone began ringing, and even her cellphone's ring tone sounded expensive and it was of course the most expensive brand around.

“Oh it's your father,” she said before picking it up.

As they were strolling around in the store, Ms. Kinsley speaking with her husband up front, Abigale in the middle and then the strange employee making up the rear end with the cart. Slowly, with a careful eye on her mother, Abigale began walking slower and slower, until she was walking side-by-side with the employee.

“So...” she hesitantly said, and tried to think up something to say. “Ho-how often do you work here?”

“Oh Monday to Friday, 07 am til 03 pm, so I'm always around.” Came the answer, rather easily spoken and the multi-colored haired girl kept on the smile.

“I haven't seen you around before,” she then said, and Abigale didn't know how to respond.

“Yeah I... come from one of the more … rich districts,” she said, yet didn't sound to like it, and the employee caught that.

“Not so happy in paradise, huh princess?”

Before Abigale got to say any more, her mother turned towards them.

“Darling Abigale, we have to go home, there's some problems with the maids again.”

“I'll show you to the checkout,” the employee said and quickly took the driver's seat, and lead them to the cashier in a rather short time.

“No no, you're not free yet,” Ms. Kinsley said, stopping the worker in her movement as she was about to walk away. “You're helping us with this to the car!”

“Of course, ma'am...” she said, and as the worker stood and packed the things up, the cashier gave her a wondrous glance, and she just shrugged with a chuckle.

Abigale didn't want to leave yet, not knowing why. And now it was her turn to watch the employee walk, finding herself rather interested in this other female, even the way she walked was so casual and relaxed. She looked at her mother, whom held her head high and took steps that had been planned as to where to put her foot. Abigale too had been taught this walk, and it came naturally to her by now; yet it could still hurt her feet.

“If you'd put it all in the trunk, please,” Ms. Kinsley said as she remotely unlocked their black Bentley, and sat behind the wheel of it.

Abigale walked to the other door, by walking behind the car, accidentally touching the employee, and for some reason she felt her heart beat a bit harder, and the female with the rainbow hair looked at her with a smirk, and Abigale again blushed.

“Darling get in the car, we don't have all day!” Her mother yelled at her, and she gave a smaller jump at the sudden loud voice, and quickly walked to the door.

“If that was all I could help you with, ma'am, I need to get back to my work,” the employee said to Ms. Kinsley through a rolled-down window, as she dusted off her hands.

“What's your name?” the fashionable woman asked, and it caught the younger worker off guard, yet she didn't show it nor hesitate to answer.

“Octavia,” she said.

“Well, Octavia, thanks for your service. Here; have this tip as my thanks.” Ms. Kinsley then grabbed a bill on 100 coins for her.

“Ma'am, I can't accept this!” Octavia said and looked at the bill in the gloved hand, it was obviously of a rather expensive skin.

“Nonsense! Just take it!” Ms. Kinsley insisted, and Octavia didn't argue further on.

As Ms. Kinsley rolled up the window again, she gave a short and friendly wave at Octavia, and so did Abigale, just a bit more bashfully. Octavia gave an affectionate nod, and watched the dark car drive off.

“Oh that Octavia was absolutely revolting! Did you look at her?! I wonder what her parents think! They must be so embarrassed by her!” Ms. Kinsley was quick to judge her further on. “Darling, if I ever see you socializing with someone like that I will disown you, I swear to God.”

Her mother sat and loudly complained about “people like Octavia”, yet that kind of people were the kind Abigale wished for, whom she dreamed about socializing with.

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