Live While We're Young!

When shy, awkward and geeky Chloe McDonald goes on a camping trip with her Best friend Laura, she meets the five boys from one direction, one particularly standing out, things get a little less lonley on valentines day!


1. Camping on Valentines day!

“Pleaseee!” Laura squealed; holding the E in a begging motion. “I am not spending the entire week in a dirty, sweaty tent!” I sighed for the thousandth time. “C’mon it’ll be fun! It not like you’ve ever been camping before! You might like it” She pleaded, her chocolate brown puppy dog eyes focusing directly on my Irish green iris. “I’ll have you know I was in the scouts!” I argued back at her. “That was a long time ago” said my mum in a honey sweet voice. “This will be good for you, you spend far too much time up on that computer and listening to that Day Green” She smiled.  “Its Green Day and you know it!” I corrected her. “My point is, you don’t have a choice, and I’ve already signed you up Sheldon” She smiled. I couldn’t help but laugh when she called me Sheldon, she’d done this ever since I could remember, she said her reason was because I was always correcting people just like Sheldon Cooper. “But mum, I don’t even have a sleeping bag or a roll mat, or are you forgetting, a tent!” I huffed miserably knowing that I had been defeated. “Don’t you worry now Sheldon, I’ve already taken care of that, and as for the tent Laura has one you can share, haven’t you sweetie?” She smiled looking at Laura, her thick Texas accent visible. “Fine, but I’m taking my iPod!” I sighed. “That’s okay doodaly fine, as long as you don’t scare the other kids then I’m a happy mama bird” She laughed and walked out the room. Laura turned to me and gave me a Your-Going-To-Have-The-Time-Of-Your-Life-But-Not-Really look. “Oh shut it you” I giggled. Its not that I didn’t like camping it was just that I didn’t like sleeping outside where any nasty wild animal could grab you and be on its way again; even though mountain trolls were very uncommon in England. “I didn’t know you had a tent?” I asked curiously. “Yes you did, it’s that Lego batman one, remember? We camped inside for two days because you refused to do it in the garden” She said, her eyes looking distant as the corners of her lips turned up remembering the memory. “Oh yeah, I remember that tents awesome, we even had Lego star wars sleeping bags!” I smiled back; we sat there on my bed giggling like fools. “So when is this hell camp anyway?” I asked. “First thing tomorrow at six” she smiled joyfully. This was going to be a long week end.


“Have you got your sun cream and your hat? I don’t want my little baby getting sun burn” My mum asked, she couldn’t make the concern in her tone any more obvious. “Mum, I have everything, don’t worry, I’ll try not to get eaten by lady birds” I laughed nervously. “And I have Laura who is basically Bear Gryll’s” I laughed, which gained a glare from Laura. So off we plodded clinging onto our baggage. The first thing we had to do was getting registered and then they would instruct us were to assemble our tents, there were loads of small grassy sections, two tents per section could be inside. “Looks like nobodies here yet” she said examining our section. “Thank you, Captain obvious” I smirked while sarcastically clapping slowly. “I know, no need to thank me, I do it just to see that smile” She teased. “Anyway where are we setting up the bat tent?” she asked turning her attention back to me. “It would look awesome anywhere” I answered “You know why?” I giggled “why?” she laughed. “Because it’s a bat tent!” I said in a low gruff voice just like bat mans. “I see what you did there!” She giggled. After we got our tent set up, we sat inside and sorted out our secret junk food stash. “Are we even aloud this?” I asked. “Nope, but that’s just how we roll” she laughed. “Roll?” I laughed. “Yeah, as in roll down a hill. Hirp dirp” She laughed. “Hey do you wanna hear my bat man impression?!” I asked her excitedly. “Why not” She said raising her eyebrows. “I’m Bat man!” I said once again in a low gruff voice. A low chuckle came from outside. I unzipped the entrance to the tent to see where it had come from and who it could possibly be. The first thing I saw was two pairs of feet, and then legs, and then finely two intriguing faces. It took me a while to recognise who they were. How stupid I must have looked just staring at them with curiosity clear in my eyes. “Two fifths of One Direction?” I asked. “You don’t recognise us?” The blonde one asked, shock clear in his tone. And was that an Irish accent I hear? “Well, I wouldn’t say that, if my friend Laura here didn’t fan girl every time your names are mention I would have no clue” I said awkwardly. The blonde one with the Irish accent gazed at my band tee. “Nice Green Day shirt” He commented. “Thanks, it’s my favourite shirt” I told him, pride echoing in my voice. “Well if you excuse me I’m going to find Kevin!” The other boy announced. “I’ll help you look…” Laura trailed off as he walked away, desperation shining in her eyes. “Hey Liam, come look at their tent!” The blonde one shouted. From around the corner a muscular guy with brown hair and eyes, whose face must belong to the title ‘Liam’, came jogging around the corner. “Is that a Lego Bat man tent?” he asked, he seemed surprise. “Because it’s awesome!” He smiled. “Do you know why it’s awesome?” I laughed. He gave me a questioning look. “Because it’s a Bat tent!” I said once again in my low gruff voice. “Wow” he said. “That was scary, because of how much you sounded like him!” He laughed; approval in his voice. “Well then” I said; breaking the silence. “Since it looks like we’re gonna be camping buddies, I’m going to get some more fire wood for tonight; its going to be cold so they say” I said. “We’ll I’ve got to go find Louis but I’m sure Niall would be happy to help?” He said turning towards Niall. “Sure” He said, smiling at me. His accent was so amazing, I longed for him to speak, even just one word. “I never asked your name?” He asked as we walked towards the log pile. “Chloe McDonald, at your service!” I answered giving him a sweet smile. “You know you’re different from other fans” He said trailing off. “Actually I wouldn’t really class myself as a ‘Fan’.” I laughed nervously. “Somehow that makes me glad, I’ve been dying to meet a girl who doesn’t just want to know me because I’m Niall Horan from One Direction, I want her to want to know me because I’m Niall Horan from Ireland” He said in a small voice, looking at his shoes. “And now you have” I smiled, lifting his chin up with one finger, forcing him to turn his attention to me. I gazed into his Ocean blue eyes; getting lost in them for a fraction of a second. And he gazed back into my forest greens. He blushed slightly and then hesitantly lifted his hand and feather lightly placed it onto my cheek, which in return I gently placed my palm on top of his; holding it there for a couple of minutes. After a while our trance was broken by a squealing voice that was saying “Oh my god! Is that Niall Horan?!” One voice. One voice was all it took for attention to be drawn to us. “Quick!” I whispered. “You can hide in the bat tent!” I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him in the direction of the bat tent. When we got there we quickly zipped up the entrance and I grabbed a big packet of Gummy worms out of mine and Laura’s stash. “You have food!” He smiled excitedly. “I have Jelly Tots!” I grinned. “Best hiding from crazed fans day ever!” He grinned back. “Well you know what they say, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” I said thoughtfully, remembering how my mum used to say that to my dad before he died. “True dat” He laughed. “So is this you’re first time camping?” he asked curiously. “Of course not” I snorted, “Back in the day I was in the scouts”. “I didn’t know there were girls in the scouts, don’t they have the guides for that?” he asked. “Sexist! Of course girls can join the scouts, boys are totally useless when it comes to dirt and grime” I said, raising my eyebrows. “Okay okay, don’t kill me!” He said raising his hands. “So why are you here? I mean its Valentine’s Day tomorrow; don’t you have someone to take? I’m sure there are plenty of ladies banging on Niall Horan’s door. Doesn’t your mum have to beat them off with sticks?” I laughed. “And that brings me back to what we were talking about back when we were getting the fire wood.” He reminded me. “Yeah, I guess valentines day is the time of the year for me to go to ASDA’s and buy like ten million pots of cookie dough ice cream and watch endless chick flicks which I don’t even like too” I said understandingly, nodding my head slowly. “Well if you don’t have a valentine, and I don’t have one, then it’s logical that we be lonely together”. “That does make sense” I agreed. “Deal?” He smiled, holding out his hand. “Deal” I smiled back, whilst shaking his hand. “Okay then” He said, whilst taking my hand. “Is this the part where you ask me to be yours and then I say ‘Anything for you’?” I teased. “Do you want to do that part?” He asked, a serious look spreading over his face. “Go to sleep Horan, its getting dark” I smiled. “Good night McDonald” He whispered whilst curling up in Laura’s star wars sleeping bag right beside me.


 The next morning I woke up to feel Niall’s arms wrapped snugly around me. He stirred until he finally woke up and realised what he was doing. “Oh! Sorry” He apologised awkwardly. “No, no it’s fine” I assured him, placing my hand on top of his. “We’d better get up, the others will already be outside” He said whilst taking my hand and pulling me out of the tent. I looked around to see Laura and the four other boys surrounding the little Lego batman tent. “This is Chloe” he said. “She’s my girlfriend” He smiled and then placed a passionate kiss on my lips.

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