Truly Madly Deeply

Hi!! This is a Harry/Liam fan-fic and it's my first as well! my cousin is helping me write it too sooo hope you enjoy!! (: xx When two girls go to a party and meet two boys that they will never forget.


3. Jenna's POV

The car ride home was silent. I didn't get a good "vibe" from that kid that was talking to Hope. I'm the closest thing she has to an older sibling so obviously I'm going to be protective. "Why were you so rude to him? He didn't do anything!" she said with anger hidden in her voice. "We just didn't hit it off. Things may change.." I said glancing over to her. She knew what I was implying. She rolled her eyes. To be honest, I thought that Hope and whoever this Liam kid is, looked adorable. And by the way she was talking about him, almost defending him, she liked him. We arrived home and Hope got out of the car slamming the door behind her. I knew she was pissed. "I'll just give her some time to cool off" My thoughts we're suddenly interrupted by the familiar ringtone sang when my iPhone received a text. I unlocked my phone and read the message, "I'll pick you up tomorrow around 7. Can't Wait (; xx -H " My heart did two flips as I re-read the text over and over. I didn't understand how someone could look so perfect! The way his dark curly hair was placed on his head. The prominent dimples that show when he smiles. His piercing green eyes that cut stare right through you if you let them. I really like Harry. He's... different. I strolled inside, my mind still on the boy with curly hair. "What's up with you?" Hope asked with a confused look on her face. I hesitated a little, "Nothin," was all I could manage to say. I had given her so much crap about Liam that I didn't really want to tell her about Harry. Once I got to my room I put on booty-shorts and a long t-shirt. While I was brushing my teeth, I saw Hope's image in the mirror, arms folded over her chest. "Who is he." she said, holding up my phone. "WHAT THE HELL?!" I loudly cursed. "I wanted to know what was going on sooo I checked your phone. He's a bit cheeky now is he?" she said while reading the text message Harry had sent me a little bit before. "He's - someone I met at the party," I said, trying not to give her any imformation. Even though I'm very protective of Hope, I had only moved here a month or two ago. Her mum had died shortly after her father and since she had no aunts or uncles I volunteered to stay with her. Was she old enough to stay by herself? Yea. She was 18. But i knew emotionally she wouldn't be able to. Hope knew everyone in the area and I guess you could say she was in the popular crowd. "What's his name?" she asked, this time with a softer tone. Almost as if it was i whisper i replied "Harry.." she looked at me with her eyes nearly coming out of her head. "HARRY STYLES!?!?!!?" I jumped at the sound of her voice. I couldn't really tell if she was angry or not "HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID!!!!! HE'S THE BIGGEST PLAYER IN ALL OF LONDON!!!" she said nearly fuming. "He seemed really nice though.. I have a date with him tomorrow night." I said looking down at my feet. His image popped into my head and I suddenly started to smile. "JENNAAAAAAAAAAAAA I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!! HIM!!! UGHHHH" she said storming out of the room. I laughed and got into bed. Right before I was about to turn off the lights Hope popped her head in and said, "You guys would make a cute couple." a grin spread across both of our faces and Hope closed the door.

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