Truly Madly Deeply

Hi!! This is a Harry/Liam fan-fic and it's my first as well! my cousin is helping me write it too sooo hope you enjoy!! (: xx When two girls go to a party and meet two boys that they will never forget.


2. Hope's POV

I found the big punch bowl i got my myself a small glass of punch. I looked around to find Lexi and wish her a happy birthday. I found Lexi and started making my way over to where she was standing. Then, a bunch of boys came running into  the house. The last boy in the line ran right into me knocking my drink all over me. I got as red as my newly stained dress. "OH MY GOD I AM SOO SORRY I DIDN'T ME-." he started before I cut him off, "It's okay...... just forget it." Then I ran out of the house. I took my phone out and texted Jenna, 'lets go I'm outside.' While i was waiting for Jenna, a tall boy came out and started walking over to me. As he came over, I realized it was the friend of the boy who spilled punch all over me. I instinctively covered my face hoping he wouldn't recognize me. "It's kind of hard to disguise yourself when you have punch all over your dress." The boy said, "Look, I'm really sorry about Lou... He's a bit... Jacked up." He said chuckling. "Just forget it!" I harshly replied. He looked at me a bit surprised. The boy was wearing a plaid button-down shirt and jeans. His hair was buzzed and a little bit of his tattoo was showing on his right arm. "I'm Liam by the way..." he said, afraid that I would shoot back with a rude comment. "I'm Hope.." I quietly said, staring at the black asphalt. "Well, Hope, I-" "Who's this?" I heard Jenna say from behind us. "I'm Li-" "Oh no, I don't really care that was just me nicely saying for you to leave." Liam looked surprised at Jenna's rude remark. His smile left his face. "Well it was very nice to meet both of you!"  he said. I nodded and Jenna waved and smiled sarcastically.I looked at Liam one last time, he must have been staring at the same time because I nearly swore I saw him wink before he walked back into the house. 

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