Short 1D Fanfic

Here I have some little fanfic stories.


2. Letters to 1D


In a apartment in New York, lived a girl named Anne; her sister, Nataly; his brother, Steven and obviously his parents. Anne's parents rarely were at home, they worked in a boarding school. Well, our story starts one day that One Direction was going to do a concert in NY. Anne, his sister and her brother were going to go they were also directioners. Everything was prepared they were going to go at 4:30 at the morning even the concert was at 12:00 midday. When they get there they went to the first row, those were good seats. Anne remembered when she went to a Justin Bieber's concert that she lost the song “Boyfriend” cause she was at the bathroom so she went.


She was lost...She didn't know where to go until she saw a person there waiting for something. Anne get close to ask directions but when she saw his face she knew it was Niall Horan:


“I'm sorry...” she replied strangely ”I'm lost, sorry”


“Don't worry I was looking for someone to say me if if I looked good with this sun glasses”


“Yes, they look great but not for a concert”


“I thought you were going to say I looked cool”


“Yes, you look so handsome but not for a concert”


“Thanks, I think so” he said and started to go away but Anne grabbed him strongly


“I can't go if you don't say to me where is the bathroom”


“Your address?” he asked


“What for?” she asked too.


“To write a letter sayin' you where is the bathroom” he replied


“But if...”




So Anne gave him her address unhappily.


At the concert's end, they get back home and talked about it:


“It was great...I met Liam and Harry when I went buying fajitas and hot dogs” said Steven


“The most exciting thing that could happen to me” said Nataly “Better than Justin Bieber's concert”


“I agree...but I couldn't go to the bathroom cause Niall didn't said to me where was the bathroom”


Later was the night everyone went to sleep because the concert was too tiring But even that, Steven, instead of sleeping he started to tune his guitars (1 red and yellow Gibson Les Paul®, 2 Yamaha guitars, 2 Fender Mustang® one red and another blue and a Palmer).


Next day, Nataly give out the mail:

“For Anne I have one of Niall and another one of Watertown and for Steven one of Harry and Liam”


Anne started to read hers:


Dear Anne:


Today we have a big offer cause we close tomorrow FOREVER:


Client= 20%

Frequent Client= 25%

Member= %50

Platinum Member=%75

Ultimate Gold Member=%90

Ultimate Watertown Client= %100









And the other one:


I invite you to a date,

in watertown,

at three pm




The 2 things were at the same time...What would she do?She was getting precipitated...Then she noticed both were the same thing so she went with Niall.


Then at Watertown she speak with Niall...he was a good boy...They also went to all the attractions by the last time. When she get back home she saw his brother playing some songs and her sister running to the bathroom with the computer. Then she saw Nataly's room...It was full of papers...She couldn't resist so she read 'em


Dear Nataly,

When I first saw you,

I got in love with you,

I love you,




Dear Nataly,

I love you so much,

I can't stop thinking about you,




Skype 3 pm,




That was why Nataly ran to the bathroom...She had hidden that to her...When Nataly returned from the bathroom Anne said:


“What were you doing”


“I was using Skype®” she replied




“Cos I was talking to Zayn”


“And why you didn't say to me?”


“Do I have to tell you all things that happen to me?”






“Stop” ordered Steven


“You doesn't even know what is happenin'”

“Yes I know...Nataly has Zayn as her boyfriend and she didn't tell you and you are jealous cos she has a boyfriend not you and Zayn is from 1D and so I come because someone is waiting for you at the door”


Anne went...It was Harry that was waiting for her...he said he loved her and he had sent a card for her as Zayn one for Nataly but none of you had seen it...Anne ran upstairs and takes the cards:


Those were love cards


That was all she always wished. Finally her dreams came true.



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