Got A Secret. xo

Join Pauline, Sophie, Alex, Melissa and Serena in finding out who "J" is and who kept on blackmailing them and threatening them to tell their secret. Who do you think it is? Find out.


9. First Present part 4

Cop: Oh. Well...her brother gave us her bracelet for investigation.
Pauline: Well, did it helped?
Cop: Her brother, James Laurents, told us that she always wore this bracelet so in the mean time...this bracelet is the only thing strong for the investigations.
Sophie: Where's James? (Looks curiously)
*With the guys*
Harry: I'm bored.
Zayn: Well...there's nothing we can do.
Niall: about let's do prank call? (Smirks)
Louis: WOAH! I like that idea, nialler! (High-5s with Niall)
Liam: Let's see on our contacts first.
All: (Scrolls through their contacts)
Harry: about one of the girls?
Louis: what kind of prank call are we doing?
Harry: delivery?
Louis: that might work too.
*With ???*
???: (Puts the gift on Serena's doorstep and left)
*With Melissa, Serena & Alex*
Melissa: Hmm...Pauline and Sophie are taking so long.
Serena: Well, they can ask too many questions.
Alex: We should probably go downstairs too.
Serena: Well, I don't know...
Alex: Please, Serena...
Serena: Fine. (Stands up then goes downstairs, the two girls following her)
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