Got A Secret. xo

Join Pauline, Sophie, Alex, Melissa and Serena in finding out who "J" is and who kept on blackmailing them and threatening them to tell their secret. Who do you think it is? Find out.


7. First Present part 2

*With ???*

???: (Finishes up the wrapped gift)

*With the girls*

Pauline: (Her phone rings and she answered it)Hello?

Pauline's Mom: Honey, are you still at Serena's?

Pauline: Yeah. Why?

Pauline's Mom: Can you pick your brother later at 5:30? Your dad can't pick him up and I still have work.

Pauline: Okay. I will.

Pauline's Mom: Thank you, honey. Bye (They both hung up)

Sophie: Who was that?

Pauline: My mom. She asked me to pick Michael later at practice.

Sophie: Oh. 

*A while later, their phone rings at the same time and they took it out and started to read the message.

All: If you want it...come and get it, bitches. West Road Park. 10 pm sharp. ALONE. -J. (Their eyes widened as they stare at their phone)


Melissa: What does "J" means by this?

Serena: Simple...He or she has something from us.

Alex: Yeah. But what?

Sophie: That's what we don't know.

Pauline: Do we have to believe him?...or her?

Melissa: I think we have to. This is starting to get creepy and serious.

Alex: Maybe we should call the cops.

Sophie: There's no way we have to.

Pauline: Why?

Sophie: We almost got into therapist, remember?

Serena: Yeah. And the cops still question's us about Jane's disappearance and death. They'll think it's an alibi.

Alex: The things we got into.

Serena: (Hears a sirens outside) Guess that's my mom's boyfriend. (Sighs)

Sophie: Boyfriend?

Serena: Yeah. A cop. He's one of the investigators of Jane's case.


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