Got A Secret. xo

Join Pauline, Sophie, Alex, Melissa and Serena in finding out who "J" is and who kept on blackmailing them and threatening them to tell their secret. Who do you think it is? Find out.


5. First Day Of School part 5

*After school, with the girls*

Melissa: (Sighs) I miss Jane.

Alex: We missed her too.

Sophie: It's been a year since she died.

Serena: She changed me and I didn't even get to say goodbye.

Pauline: (Sighs)I wish she was here.

Sophie: Well...J is.

Pauline: Can we just move on? It might be one of those JERKS.

Alex: Why would they do that?

Melissa: (Sighs)I don't know.

Pauline: I'm sure it's not them.

Serena: Do you guys wanna go to my house?

Sophie: Sure.

???: Hey!

*They all turned around to see the boys walking towards them*

Alex: Not you again.

Louis: Aren't you happy to see me? (Smirks)

Alex: No. (Glares at him)

Pauline: Look, we're busy. Just tell us what you want.

Niall: We want one date.

Sophie: No way. We're not going to go on a date with you.

Zayn: It'll be fun.

Melissa: (Sighs) We need to go.

Sophie: Wait. Fine. We'll go on ONE date with each of you. But after that, leave us alone.

Harry: It's a deal. (Grins as he took out his hand)

Sophie: (Looks hesitatingly then shook his hand)Deal.

Alex: (Looks shockingly at Sophie) Can we go now?

Sophie: (Releases Harry's hand then looks at Alex) Sure.

*The girls walked away*

Alex: What was that?!

Pauline: Have you lost your head? We don't wanna go to a date with one of them.

Melissa: But on the bright side, she made a deal with Harry. They're gonna leave us alone if we go on a date with them.

Serena: And after the date, we're gonna regret it for the rest of our lives.

Pauline: I don't wanna go with Niall. He went out with Jane, remember? It'll be awkward.

Sophie: Guys, please...I know what i'm doing. We can find out if one of them knows all about us. 

Serena: Don't you think it's Kate? She's been hating us ever since.

Melissa: Her parents took her phone after she lost her virginity. It couldn't possibly be her.

Pauline: What if she bought a new phone and decided to mess with us?

Melissa: With insurance? I think not. She hate it if she paid every month.

Sophie: (Laughs a little) You're right.

Alex: (Laughs)

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