Got A Secret. xo

Join Pauline, Sophie, Alex, Melissa and Serena in finding out who "J" is and who kept on blackmailing them and threatening them to tell their secret. Who do you think it is? Find out.


4. First Day of School part 4

*With the boys*

Harry: I don't understand...why do they hate us?

Zayn: (Shrugs) I tried asking Melissa but she said "we're not close".

Niall: Guess we've been jerks.

Liam: What about our reputation?

Louis: We don't have to all throw that away. They'll like us soon.

Niall: You've been pinning after Alex since 4th grade.

Louis: And yet I still do. I admit.

Harry: Let's just have lunch. (Starts eating)

*They all ate their lunch*

*With the girls at the library*

Sophie: (Reading)

Alex: (Doing homework)

Melissa: (Reading)

Pauline: (Reading but then can't stop thinking about the message)

Serena: (Sneaking her phone)

Sophie: (Feels her phone vibrate then she took it out)

*Message: You can't ignore me with those books, bitches. -J*

Sophie: (Looks up then whispers) Guys, let's go.

Alex: Why? What's wrong?

Sophie: I'll tell you once we get out of here.

*They all went out the library*

Sophie: I got a message from J.

Serena: Seriously, who is this "J" who kept on messing with us?

Alex: First, Pauline and now Sophie. I think he or she wants to mess with all of us.

Pauline: (Sighs) We need to find out who it is.

Sophie: But the number's blocked.

Pauline: Do you think I don't know that? This doesn't makes sense at all.

Alex: We only know a "J" that kept on doing this to us.

Sophie: think it's Jane?

Alex: Duh.

Pauline: But she's dead. She couldn't.

Sophie: She never told anyone about anything about us, right?

Melissa: Well...except her brother.

Alex: James?

Sophie: He's too good to do this and he doesn't even go to our school. He's in Italy.

Melissa: (Sighs)Look, can we just forget this.

Sophie: No. They messed with Pauline and I and I know that one of you is next. They're messing with our privacy.

*All of their phone vibrates and they all took it out and read the message loud enough for just the 5 of them to hear*

*Message: Congratz, bitches! You've figured it out. No secrets would keep me from staying away. I know all of it. -J*

All: (Gasps and looks at each other)

Sophie: This person knows all about our secret. Is this really Jane?

Melissa: (Rubs her arm while looking around)

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