Got A Secret. xo

Join Pauline, Sophie, Alex, Melissa and Serena in finding out who "J" is and who kept on blackmailing them and threatening them to tell their secret. Who do you think it is? Find out.


3. First Day Of School part 3

Harry: (Taps Sophie at the shoulder) Hey.

Sophie: (Turns to look at him) What?

Harry: Do you want to have lunch together? (Smirks)

Sophie: No. (Turns back at the front again)

Harry: (Sighs then stares at her for the rest of the class)

*The bell rings*

Alex: (Fixed up her things)

Louis: Hey.

Alex: (Looks up) Do you need something?

Louis: (Grins) Actually, I do.

Alex: What?

Louis: Do you wanna have lunch together? 

Alex: (Starts to walk off) No. I'm sorry.

Louis: (Follows her) Look, what happened last summer---

Alex: (Stops walking and turns to him) It was a big mistake, okay? Can you just forget that happened? 

Louis: I can' stop thinking about it. I kept thinking about what happened.

Alex: (Shakes her head and walks off)

Louis: (Sighs then walks the other way)

*Later at lunch*

Pauline: (Waits for her friends to turn up)

Sophie: Hey. What's wrong?

Pauline: We should wait for the others.

Alex: Hey guys. (Smiles)

Melissa & Serena: (Walks towards them)What's up?

Pauline: Can we go to a non-crowded place?

Serena: Sure. 

*They went to the back of the school*

Pauline: I got an unknown message.

Alex: From who?

Pauline: (Takes her phone out then shows to them)From J.

Sophie: Who's J?

Pauline: No idea.

Serena: Wait. What does she or he meant by competition?

Pauline: Not that I know of.

Alex: We all know Niall's got the hots for you. What does the message meant by competition?

Sophie: Don't you think it's---

Serena: No. There's no way that's her. She's dead. We all see her body inside the coffin at her funeral. We were all there.

Alex: Guys, you're creeping me out.

Pauline: You know what? This is silly. Maybe this person is just messing with us.

Serena: Well, they're wrong in choosing to mess with us. (Crosses her arms)

Alex: (Sighs)

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