Got A Secret. xo

Join Pauline, Sophie, Alex, Melissa and Serena in finding out who "J" is and who kept on blackmailing them and threatening them to tell their secret. Who do you think it is? Find out.


2. First Day Of School part 2

Harry: Hey girls. (Smirks then looks at Sophie)

Sophie: What are you doing here? Can you please leave us alone? That's not a hard thing to do. (Fakes a smile)

Alex: You know, can we ask a favor? 

Louis: Sure. What is it?

Alex: Can you tell your two little stuck up friends to stay away from our friends? (Smiles tightly)

Liam: It's none of our business to tell them that. We may be in a group, but that doesn't mean that we take command in each other.

Serena: (Looks at her watch)We should head to class.

Harry: Let us accompany you.

Alex: No! We don't need bodyguards. (Walks off with her friends)

*At English class, with Pauline and Melissa*

(A/N: I'm thinking of doing a little "Pretty Little Liars" thing. Hope you don't mind. I just watched too many episodes and got fascinated with the story.)

Pauline: (Leans to Melissa, then whispers) I can't stay put when Niall's behind me. He creeps me out with his stares.

Melissa: No wonder Jane got tired of him. (She whispered back without thinking)

Pauline: (Looks down and sighs sadly)

Melissa: (Realizes what she said and her eyes widened) I'm sorry, Pauline. (Whispers)

Pauline: (Blinks then looks up at her) Don't worry about it. It's fine.

Melissa: (Was about to say something but then someone walked in)

???: Hi everyone. (Smiles)

Melissa: Woah. He's hot. (Gawks at the person who walked in)

Mr. McAllistar: Hi. I'm Wren McAllister. I'm your new English teacher.

Pauline: What happened to Mrs. Rose?

Wren: She...uhh...resigned today. She's moving to Phoenix. (Stares at her)

Pauline: Oh. (Looks at her book and starts reading)

Wren: (Continues to stare at her while speaking) So...where did you guys left off? (Breaks his stare from her then to a book)

Niall: Well, Mrs. Rose reads us a story.

Melissa: (Looks back at Niall) Wow. I can't believe you paid attention in class. I thought you were looking in your reflection the whole time. (Fakes a smile)

Niall: (Rolls his eyes)

Pauline: (Feels her phone vibrate from her pocket. She took it out then looks at the message)

*Message: Poor Niall...He doesn't know that he's got a competition. -J*

Pauline: (Looks up then at Melissa, then mouths) I need to talk to you later.

Melissa: (Looks curious then nods)

*With Sophie, Alex and Serena*

Sophie: (Writing down notes)

Alex: (Reading a book)

Serena: (Playing with her nails)

Sophie: (Stops and puts her pen down as she feel her phone vibrate. She took it out then looks at a message from Pauline)

*Message: Let's meet up later at Lunch. Need to tell you something important. Tell Alex and Serena.*

Sophie: (Puts her phone back to her pocket then writes a note to Alex and Serena*

*Note: Need to meet later at Lunch. Pauline's got something to tell us.*

Alex and Serena: (Looks at her then nods)


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