Why Not???

Sam and I were best friends. Sam was the best guy friend I had, had in a long time. That was about to change. Except, all of the family drama... My dads abuse.. Him getting away from the cops... The thing happening to Sam. It was to much. And I was to scared to endure it..... Ps.. It doesn't get great until like chapter 7 or 8 so please keep reading until then or skip.. So you can truly judge the good parts of this book! Ty


2. Party!

  Jessica's P.o.v

                I got a little bit bored while waiting for people. I didn't want Ariana to know so I just kept a smile on my face. Suddenly the doorbell rings. I have always been fond to Ariana's doorbell because it was like a little song. Ariana opened the door. Sam was the first one to arrive. We let him in and just talked for a while.

Sam's P.o.v

            She opened the door. She looked so beautiful in the dress she was wearing. I wouldn't let myself admit that I loved her. I have been her friend for so long it would be awkward if I said anything now. I have held in my feelings for years now. I wasn't going to say anything because I wanted to believe that I never liked her like that. The doorbell rang. Ariana opened the door. It was all of her other friends.

My P.o.v

             Everyone was here now. The DJ started playing some music and we all started dancing. He played the song "Scream and Shout". We were now all singing to it.

           "I wanna Scream and Shout and let it all out!" We all sung.

            The DJ played some nice songs. But then he played a slow song. It was akward. Everyone was dancing and I was sitting. With Sam.

           "Wanna dance?" Sam had said

          "Uhh..." I stuttered.

           "As friends." He ended

           "Ya, sure." I added.

          We were now dancing together. His hands on my waist. My hands on his shoulders. Sam was looking me straight in the eyes. I tried not to look into his so I looked away. It wass kind of awkward, but I didn't want him to know that. When the song ended everyone went back to dancing alone. I went to the snack table and ate some snacks. Someone touched my shoulder. I jumped a bit.

           "Hey." He/she said.

           "H..Hey." I stuttered.

           I turned around and it was Jake. I met Jake last year and we had been ok friends.

           "I saw you and Sam dancing." He said suspiciously.

           "Uh ya.... but just as friends, you know."

           "Cool." He said. "I've been thinking. Would you like to go out sometime?"

           "Ya, that would be cool!" I exclaimed. I tried not to make it so obvious that I liked him. Actually I have had a crush on him since I first talked to him.

           "Cool. I'll be right back I got to go do something." And he walked away.

            I had had so much fun at my party. Hopefully everyone else did to. It seemed like it bacause everyone was laughing and dancing. People were starting to leave. Then it was just Jessica, Sam, and me.

            "Soooo I saw you talking to Jake!" Jessica exclaimed. "What happened?"

            "Nothing much.... HE JUST ASKED ME OUT!!" I was so, very excited.   

             "OH MY GOSH!" Jessica said.

             "I know right. Were going out tomorrow night."

Sam's P.o.v

            Jake! Really? Now I was kind of upset. But it wasn't Jake's fault. No one knows I like her, except for me. I knew I had to be happy for her so I Just said,

            "That's cool! I'm happy for you!"

            We talked until about four O'clock in the morning and Ariana fell asleep on my chest. When Ariana and Jessica were both asleep I watched Ariana. Her hair was out of her face just falling back on me. We were laying on the floor. Then I just fell asleep.


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