Why Not???

Sam and I were best friends. Sam was the best guy friend I had, had in a long time. That was about to change. Except, all of the family drama... My dads abuse.. Him getting away from the cops... The thing happening to Sam. It was to much. And I was to scared to endure it..... Ps.. It doesn't get great until like chapter 7 or 8 so please keep reading until then or skip.. So you can truly judge the good parts of this book! Ty


7. In his arms forever

My P.o.v

I opened my eyes, and I was wrapped in his arms. He was still asleep, so I rolled over to face him. I watched as he snored. Sam has always had a quiet but cute snore. Just laying there, knowing he had come when I didn't even ask, knowing he cared, made me feel like I was safe. I knew Sam would never let me shed one tear without him. My eyes started to tear up. I had fell for him. I didn't even know if he felt the same way. He started to open his eyes. Those brown eyes, with green mixed in, made my heart melt.

"What's wrong? Your tearing up." Sam questioned.

"It's... Nothing.... I'm just thinking."

"About what?"

"Jake.." I lied. I didn't want him to know how I felt.

He just lied there in silence. I could hear him breathing.

"Oh well, What do you want to do today?" He finally said.

My parents got home yesterday but didn't stick around for much. They left after they unpacked to go do some random crap.

"Lets go to Boomers, I'll pay." Boomers was this little amusement park with bumper boats, rock climbing, laser tag, and much, much more. I've always loved going there. It was really cheap too.

"Sounds fun. Ok. But I can't let you pay. Today is all my treat so we can cheer up and hang out. Just you and me all day. Sound good?"

"Sounds amazing."

"Lets also check out that gym and that bow and arrow place you've been wanting to check out."

"Mk, lets get ready." Sam had some clothes at my house because my parents always let him come over. I also, had clothes at his house. We were always over at each others houses. We had also changed in front of each other since we were 5 so it didn't really matter to me that he saw me. And I loved seeing him. He had a six pack now, which was awesome. Lol.

"You ready?" He looked at me with caring eyes.

"Yeah." I smiled

"Where to first?"

"I don't care, You pick."

"Ok, Put this on then, it's a surprise!" He put a blind fold on me and put something in a bag.

Sam walked me outside and into his car, which smelled amazing like his cologne. Then, he started the car and started driving.



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