Why Not???

Sam and I were best friends. Sam was the best guy friend I had, had in a long time. That was about to change. Except, all of the family drama... My dads abuse.. Him getting away from the cops... The thing happening to Sam. It was to much. And I was to scared to endure it..... Ps.. It doesn't get great until like chapter 7 or 8 so please keep reading until then or skip.. So you can truly judge the good parts of this book! Ty


9. I just can't...

I rushed over to my mom.

"What is it? Is he gone? Mom what happened?!"

She was speechless. "Mom! Please don't shut me out again!" I was beginning to cry. Tears rushing down my face like rain in a storm.

Sam ran over to me. "Give her some time. Maybe you need some too, come on inside" he took my arm "it's freezing out here."

He got me some coffee and sat me on my bed. I was still crying.

"It's gonna be ok,"

"No it's not!" I screamed. "They'll do this again! He'll get away! He's gonna come for us!" He didn't know what to say.

"She's shut me out before. One time when she first found out my dad was forcing me, she completely shut down. She skipped town for a week or two and I stayed at a friends house away from my dad. When I went back home my dad was drunk and yelling at her. I grabbed a bat and swung it at him... What else was I suppose to do. When he got back up he threw his beer bottle at my head. It shattered against my forehead. That's where I got this." I moved my bangs and showed a nasty scar that went across the entire left side of my forehead and into my hair line. He looked worried. "Then he grabbed the bat and beat me while my mom stood in the corner shivering. When he was finished with the bat he picked me up by the shoulders and banged me against the wall a few times. My mom only puts up with him because she's afraid of him. But when I got to her today and saw her, I was done."

Sam put my head on his shoulder and almost began to speak. "Shh," I said. I held his hand now. "I just want to lay." We both fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning Sam wasn't laying with me. I got worried and ran downstairs. He was lying on the floor with a stab wound on his stomach. Blood was rushing out but he was still breathing, thankfully. He pointed to the door. My dad was standing there, watching me.

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