Why Not???

Sam and I were best friends. Sam was the best guy friend I had, had in a long time. That was about to change. Except, all of the family drama... My dads abuse.. Him getting away from the cops... The thing happening to Sam. It was to much. And I was to scared to endure it..... Ps.. It doesn't get great until like chapter 7 or 8 so please keep reading until then or skip.. So you can truly judge the good parts of this book! Ty


13. A week is a year for me.

I woke up the next morning getting a text.

Katherine- sorry my shift went all night last night, you up for today or tonight?

Me- yeah totally, how about this morning, we should get to know each other a little bit more. ;)

Katherine- ok, (: meet me at the coffee shop around the corner, you know off of pills street.

Me-Yeah totally that's my fav place! 10am?

Katherine- see you there.

I hadn't been able to go out with a girl for a while. I had been so afraid of what people would say, of what Sam would say. Since we was in the hospital, I figured I could have some fun.

It was 9 In the morning. I got up and did my hair. I put on a sexy shirt and skinny jeans. I might actually like this girl so I figured I should make and impression.

I got in my car at 9:45 and drove to the coffee shop. She was already there in a slim long shirt and skinny jeans holding a purse. I had to admit, she was pretty gorgeous.

She showed me the way to our table and ordered for me.

"Two coffees, no cream extra sugar, and a cinnamon bun and donut, glaze." She said to the waitress.

"Wow" I said, I probably sounded like a little girl,"that's exactly what I usually get,"

"Really, same here." I knew we were going to hit it off. We talked for and hour and drunk our coffee. We had so many things in common. I told her about why I was at the hospital but not about my parents, just tiny details.

When we both were ready to head out I asked. "So how did you get here?"

"I walked," she said. "I live right around the corner,"

"Oh well wanna let me give you a ride back to my place?"

"That sounds great," she was now biting her lip.

When we got back to my place we walked inside. I took her bag for her and sat it on the couch. I looked at my phone and couldn't believe it was already lunchtime. I showed her to my room. We sat on my bed and watched movies while eating popcorn, talking and laughing with each other. When our movies were over it was 8pm.

"It's really late, you don't have to be anywhere do you!" I asked her.

"No where other than here." She smirked.

We both fell asleep watching a drama movie. I found out she loved drama as much as I do.

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