Lost But Not Found

Alexis and her siblings, Jake and Rose, are torn apart after their parents die. Lexi (Alexis) runs away from the orphanages at 16 and tries to take care of herself and tries to take care of her siblings before they leave. When she turns 18 she tells her sibling that she has a place to live and she can take care of them, but on the day that she has planed to take them, only Rose shows up. But before then, she meets some friends that try to help her out but she says they just get in her way. She and sometimes Rose search every where for Jake but can't find him anywhere. What will happen if they don't ever find him. But the real question is "Where did he go?"


1. Prologue

HI I'm Alexis Payne, but some people call me Leix. I have dark brown hair that goes past my shoulders, And dark blue eyes. I am 18 years old right now(this is n the present). I'm 5'7" or 5'8". I live in an old abounded house in California. I have two siblings, Jake and Rose. Jake is 16 now. He has really dark brown hair, it almost looks black and brown eyes. He is 5'8" and he is tough. He thinks he can do just about anything, he always has. Rose is 15, and is 5'5" she is a little small for her age, she always has. She is one of the most sweetest people you could ever met, but when you get her mad, well lets just say don't. I live in an old abounded house in Holmes Chapel, England. It is about 2 blocks away from the world famous hotel that all the stars stay at, so I have met a lot of famous people. I even check which stars are coming or going to be there. In about a week or so a band named One Direction is coming, I mean I have seen pictures and all but they not seem that good. Oh and if you can't tell by now I am British. My mom is part American, well her mom;my grandma is, and my dad is British. I am going to tell you my story about how all this stuff has happen: living in an old abounded house, not having parents, and other things, and the most important thing:::: where and when I will get my family back.






So this another one of my stories. I have some good plans for this story. Anyway I am going to do this thing where I have to get a certain number of comments, likes, and/or favorites. Idk which one I will do yet, it might be different every time. So for the next chapter I need at least 5 comments and 3 likes or just one anyway Love You All -XOXO-K.Styles

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